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VAIRKKO is perfect for SMBs that are looking for any of the following software: online training (LMS), certification tracking, skills testing, HRIS, and more. With cloud-based software, priced affordably, there is no end in sight for the efficiency improvements and higher accountability all VAIRKKO customers enjoy for their organizations.

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We're not going to sell you something you don't need. Whether you're looking for an LMS or something to track certifications - we will only charge you for what you will use. Don't buy a huge portfolio of products if you're not ready for it. Small businesses operate lean, stay lean with VAIRKKO.


With features designed specifically for the use of small to medium-sized businesses, VAIRKKO is perfect for an organization of any size without sacrificing the enterprise-level features.


From workflows, to roadmaps and everything in between - VAIRKKO offers many customization options to allow for high levels of adoption across the board with features that are not just helpful to HR, but to each department and every employee.

Key Benefits

Small businesses have a unique need for powerful software aimed at a smaller organization where employees are involved in many different roles and take on more fluid responsibilities. Without tools to organize, assign, and manage the ever-changing priorities - accountability can quickly dwindle and important information can fall through the cracks.

  • Accountability

    To increase the level of accountability across the organization, VAIRKKO delivers a powerful system of forced acknowledgement, reminders, and automated messages to disseminate information across the organization.

  • Tailored Tools

    With tools designed for small organizations, VAIRKKO ensures access to everything you will need to manage your agency for more efficiently.

  • 100% Mobile

    From the field, to the office - your company's greatest assets are always on the go and therefore need a solution that works from any device including desktops, tablets and even smartphones.

  • Simple

    Each VAIRKKO platform has robust capabilities that are simple to setup, use and deploy to your entire organization. Don't let complicated software stand between where you are now and your business goals.

Pictures of VAIRKKO software for small businesses


Choosing VAIRKKO is easy. With many platforms to address every software need within a small business, eliminate multiple vendors through complete integration. With one username/password for each individual, accessing all types of information across the organization has never been so easy. From onboarding, to training, to continued education - employee files, important information, performance management and more - VAIRKKO is simple to deploy and worth the investment for small businesses looking to increase the technology used in their organization.
  • Works in All Browsers, Windows, Mac, Phones, Tablets
  • No Pop-up Windows or Ads
  • 100% Safe and Secure with 256 bit encryption
  • No Hardware or Software to install or maintain: All Cloud Based
  • Built for SMBs



Certification Cloud delivers advanced certification/credential/training tracking for all your continued learning needs. From regulated industries, to onboard training programs, set up roadmaps to ensure complete compliance across your organization.



A powerful collection of communication and collaboration tools including electronic memos, calendars, announcements, internal messaging and more. Communicate quickly and easily with staff using tools built for higher accountability and increased engagement.



Ensure processing your payroll is simple and timely. Remove the headache of processing payroll, calculating overtime, or monitoring who is scheduled to work at which rate.



A powerful, yet easy to use HRIS and employee database. Track unlimited staff, emergency contacts, disciplinary action and results, notes, documents, medical information, custom fields and so much more.



Make the switch from paper to web-based forms. Employees can sign forms online, from any device, at any time. Forms Cloud delivers 100% loop closure notifying original staff upon the form being closed by management.



eLearning Cloud includes powerful training components to teach, test, and assess your employees. With a Learning Management System, training employees has never been so simple and cost effective especially for small businesses.



Gather feedback from customers, create internal engagement surveys, or any other information pertinent for your organization's success. Trend and benchmark your results to improve over time with our automated reports.



VAIRKKO has a 98% client retention rate. Needless to say clients that select us typically stay with us for our products and customer service.


Prior to using VAIRKKO most of the daily operational components of our department were handled by various locally managed software or multiple web-based services but now all of our important operational records, daily procedures, scheduling, and everything else needed to operate efficiently are handled through just one centralized web-based system. VAIRKKO revolutionizes the way we do business and communicate.

- Brandon Russell Assistant Director


VAIRKKO is a great product. I did over 15 demos with different vendors/solutions and VAIRKKO is by far the best, not only for the software but also for the customer service and price. Every organization should have this software as it has made our entire system run better and more efficiently.

- Brett Young Supervisor

Frequently recommend them to others...

We have been very impressed with our experiences using VAIRKKO and frequently recommend them to others. Their customer service has always exceeded our expectations and the system has drastically improved our internal communications and efficiency. It's was big jump for our organization to go paperless and the entire VAIRKKO team was there to support us through the transition.

- D. Scot Brooks Chief of Emergency Services

Fulfilled it's expectations...

In early 2012, our organization began looking for a program that could help to improve the efficiencies of our daily operations. We needed a program that would help cut down on the amount of paper we were using, and also a way to make payroll easier to process. VAIRKKO has fulfilled it's expectations and more!

- Arlene Smith Office Manager

Not Just Another Software Vendor

VAIRKKO goes well beyond its duties to provide software. We are an organization dedicated to playing a part in our client's success, from our customer service to our training program - we want to ensure a great customer experience, revolutionary products, and a new way to do business! Whether you're a start-up, in growth mode, or happy to stay a small business, with the help of the VAIRKKsolutions tailored to exceed your requirements, experience true value when partnered with us.

Don't continue to add vendors to an ever-growing list, consolidate by switching to VAIRKKO today!

HRIS Software for Small Business inside look at the VAIRKKO platform

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