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Find and Hire the Right Candidates for Your Organization

Applicant Cloud also known as VAIRKKO's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) - is designed to help your organization find, interview, and hire the right candidates for any position. With easy-to-use functionality for internal recruiters and HR professionals, this platform will organize your recruiting efforts and put your talent on the path to success for years to come.

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ATS Cloud Overview

VAIRKKO Applicant Cloud, a simple, yet feature-rich Applicant Tracking System (ATS) solution. One platform allows the company to post new positions where candidates can easily apply through a client-branded portal, monitor new applicants, guide candidates through the hiring process, extend offers, get hiring team involvement, and communicate with all relevant parties. ATS Cloud is tightly integrated with HR Cloud and many other VAIRKKO modules making the “hire to fire” process streamlined and managed within a single platform.

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Benefits of Applicant Cloud


Minimize the time spent on administrative tasks such as sending emails and coordinating schedules by using Applicant Cloud.

Improve Quality of Hire

With many feedback systems like questionnaires and scorecards, improve team decision-making to find the right candidate.


With everything streamlined within one platform, there are no surprises and no brainstorming next steps - it's all here!

Improve Screening

Bring together all hiring team members in one platform to screen candidates for a position and review the most important information.


Applicant Cloud is fully integrated with other VAIRKKO tools to streamline employee progress through things like hiring, onboarding, training, and more.

enhance candidate experience

With a streamlined design, communicate with candidates openly and improve their experience through transparency and expediency.

VAIRKKO Applicant Cloud is the smart choice when selecting an Applicant Tracking System solution. To see more schedule your free product demonstration.

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