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Policy Management Cloud: A Document Version Control Platform

Allows for real-time co-editing of various organizational documents such as SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), PNP’s (Policy and Procedures), WID (Work Instruction Documents) and so many others. Automatic versions are created when documents are altered with the ability to effortlessly capture employee signatures on the new document versions to ensure complete organizational accountability and awareness of the most up-to-date version of the document.

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Policy Management Cloud

VAIRKKO Policy Management Cloud contains all the tools your organization needs to create, collaborate, and revise policies and manuals! Create policies and then send to your employees for acknowledgement, edit policies in real-time with coworkers, review changes and utilize versioning history to track overtime policy lifecycle changes. Policy Management Cloud is perfect for organizations looking to streamline these efforts and ensure quick dispersal of information and make sure employees are always in-the-know.

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Benefits of Policy Management Cloud

improve file organization

Get rid of printed documents and extra filing cabinets by digitizing your policies and manuals.

Improve Processes

With collaboration tools and versioning history - it's easier than ever to make changes strategically and with company buy-in

keep everyone up-to-date

Ensure everyone is informed of changes when they happen by requiring acknowledgement on updates to policies.


Policy Management Cloud integrates with the rest of the VAIRKKO platforms to create a cohesive organizational environment for your company.

VAIRKKO Policy Management Cloud is the smart choice when selecting a digital manuals solution. To see more schedule your free product demonstration.

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