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Forms Cloud Delivers Custom Web-Based Mobile Friendly Forms

Create custom questions and answers and deploy new forms with ease using Forms Cloud to collect and report on the data your organization requires.

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Forms Cloud Overview

VAIRKKO Forms Cloud is a web-based, fully-mobile online forms solution. Create an unlimited number of custom forms, questions and answers while even collecting hand written staff signatures on your forms. Create workflow/routing rules to determine which management members should receive/be notified of newly submitted forms.

The smart interface allows you to create and deploy new forms across your organization with ease. Create required questions, optional questions, questions with default values and more.

Providing 100% loop closure and standardization, once a form is completed/closed by management the original submitting employee is notified which closes the loop.

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- Arlene Smith, Office Manager

Forms Cloud Features

VAIRKKO Forms Cloud brings powerful features within reach through a thoughtfully engineered and easy-to-use cloud based system. Each feature has been polished and refined to meet the requirements of some of the most demanding industries such as yours.

Unlimited Forms

Create unlimited forms for all of your business needs. Create forms for equipment failure, delayed response, isolated incidents, fitness waivers or anything else you may need.


Create custom questions and answers on each one of your forms allowing for the flexibility you need to handle any business situation that may arise.

Loop Closure

From original submission by your staff, to management closing the form and instant notification back to the employee, your staff will have 100% loop closure.

Inactivity Alerts

Send alerts when a particular form has reached it's threshold for inactivity set by management to ensure forms are processed in a timely manner and don't slip through the cracks.

Advanced Work-Flows

Determine which set of management should be assigned/alerted when a new form is submitted by the way your staff answer various questions on the form. Dynamic routing allows for "on the fly" assignments to ensure the proper team is alerted and assigned.


Capture real hand written signatures on your forms from any computer, tablet or smart phone. Signatures are a great way to validate and make a form an "official" document within your organization.

Publishing Options

Publish your forms to all staff, staff at just one or two locations, departments, groups or even just a single person. With advanced publishing options your organization can rest assured that only proper staff are submitting your forms.


Forms Cloud standardizes the way your staff submit information to management and how management responds to staff in nearly any scenario/situation. This lowers your organization's risks, streamlines management processes and speeds up communication/incident resolution for staff.

Comments / Notes

After staff have submitted their forms, management can add their own private notes onto the form or even create a new comment and allow the submitting staff member to view the note.

Staff Interviews

As a management member, you can easily request additional information from third party staff members regarding the submitted forms. This allows you to ask follow up questions, gain more information from others and much more. All information is centrally stored within the Forms Cloud system.

Assigning / Forwarding

Need more help from other management team members on a form? Simply forward the form to others or re-assign the form to include other team members to allow them to collaborate on the form.


Upload documents to any of the submitted forms. This is great when you have related videos, PDF documents, incident reports, police reports, audio clips or anything else you may need to relate to the form.

Top Benefits of Forms Cloud


Standardize the way your staff submit information to management and how management responds to staff in all situations/scenarios.

Faster Resolution

Your management team will become a high-performance unit responding quickly and efficiently to staff requests/needs with 100% accountability.


By spending less time working on issues that arise day-to-day, your management team will be able to spend more time on what matters most.

Higher Accountability

Every step in the process is logged and date/time stamped to offer a never before seen level of accountability for both your staff and management.


Forms Cloud is fully integrated into many of our other cloud products delivering a complete operations management solution.


Forms Cloud is beautifully designed, smart, efficient and mobile friendly. Making it convenient to use when at work, at home or on the go.

VAIRKKO Forms Cloud is the smart choice when selecting an online form management tool. Take a sneak peek at the system below.

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