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Deliver Powerful Training to Your Organization through e-Learning Cloud

Built for organizations who need to efficiently and scalably deliver online training to their employees, track progress, and prove compliance. It’s powerful, flexible and easily managed while delivering accountability and complete clarity to the organization

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e-Learning Cloud Overview

VAIRKKO e-Learning Cloud delivers online training to your employees and staff through an intelligently designed web platform. Each one of the components within the Online Training Cloud system have been engineered to deliver a high performance system to your organization in order to increase compliance, accountability, and productivity.

The e-Learning Cloud brings powerful reporting, analytics and an easy-to-use interface which makes it available from work, at home or on the go.

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- Brett Young, Training Officer

Overview of Features

VAIRKKO e-Learning solution is great for businesses of all sizes. Easily distribute learning content to all of your workforce in an efficient and accountable manner. Create online training courses for new equipment, updated corporate policies, new-hire orientations, yearly competencies and much more.

No Storage Quota

Enjoy unlimited storage space and never have to worry about running out of room again.

Optional Pre-Built Content

Purchase one course, or all our courses or any amount in between. Use our off-the-shelf extensive course offerings to supplement your training.

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Smart Assignments

Assign training with the powerful automation engine found in the VAIRKKO LMS which makes deploying your training quick and easy.


Upload, play, and track your packaged content including SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd & 4th editions), AICC, CMI5 and xAPI.


Create training milestones and reward your learners as they progress through their learning journey with custom badges and points. 

Mobile Learning

Your learners can take their training wherever they need with the VAIRKKO mobile app. It's free with a subscription and works on any device.

Unlimited Courses & Tests

Create and publish an unlimited number of online courses and tests which can be taken from mobile devices(android, apple, windows mobile, etc), laptops and desktop computers, both Mac and PC.

Unlimited Course Content

Upload your own content directly into VAIRKKO and don't worry about limits; you can upload as much as you want. Upload movies, PowerPoint, PDF, images, audio clips & much more.


Configure course prerequisites to guide your staff through their learning and development paths making it easier for them to learn and fall in love with their LMS platform.

Post-Course/Test Actions

Learning doesn't have to stop when the course/test is over. With post course/test actions you can require staff to provide proof of practical application of what they have learned in the course and/or provide course feedback.

Training Prescriptions

Imagine a system that provided remedial training to staff members on test questions they answered incorrectly. When compliance is mandatory Training Prescriptions offers nothing less than complete and uncompromising compliance.

Multiple Questions Types

VAIRKKO offers multiple question types such as Select All That Apply, Fill in The Blank, Multiple Choice (Single Answer), Numeric and many others offering you extreme flexibility when evaluating your staff through our e-Learning solution.

esignature system

Electronically create, prepare, send, and manage documents to be electronically signed all within the VAIRKKO platform. 


Easily configure tests to randomize questions and answers for your students.

Time Limits

Set time limits on the entire course to ensure staff complete the course within a time period you specify.

Max Attempts

Allow staff to attempt your courses a set number of times prior to locking them out of the course.


Configure notification options to occur when staff successfully complete one of your courses.


Upload your own certificate and allow staff to download a personalized copy upon successfully completing your courses.

Question Banks

Create an unlimited number of configured question banks by topic.


Easily import all of your course questions and answers from many popular formats such as Excel.


Copying courses has never been easier. A single click of the mouse and your course along with all questions and materials are cloned.

Single Sign-On

Take advantage of complementary Single Sign-On options through OKTA, Google, Ping Federate & one Login. Azure, ADFS, Custom SAML available for a small upcharge.

Automation / Workflows

Use advanced automation/workflows to make magic happen all on its own! Craft conditions and actions to those conditions to push the platform to exceed your custom needs.

Robust Reporting

Dig into your data with ease and look at your data from many different angles. Who's completed what training, who still needs to take it, how long did it take them to complete the training and so much more.

Top Benefits of the e-Learning Cloud


The e-Learning Cloud consolidates all training material into one easy-to-access system and centralized location.

Reduce Costs

Forget about the expensive traditional training models and administration of content. VAIRKKO's e-Learning or LMS helps minimize budget spent on training for a more streamlined and consistent approach.


Create an efficient training program for your organization quickly and efficiently with all the features bundled into the e-Learning Cloud.

Feature Rich

Gain access to an abundance of features packed into the e-Learning Cloud with many available add-ons.


The e-Learning Cloud is fully integrated into many of our other cloud products, including HR Cloud and Certification Tracking to deliver a complete workforce management solution for a fraction of the cost of the other guys.


The e-Learning Cloud is beautifully designed, smart, efficient and mobile friendly. It is convenient to use when at work, at home, or on the go.

VAIRKKO e-Learning Cloud is the smart choice when selecting an online learning management solution. Take a sneak peek at the system below.

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