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An Enterprise Employee Resource Scheduling Platform

Save time and frustrations with VAIRKKO's online employee scheduling. Thoughtfully designed and packed with powerful features along with a simple to user interface that makes difficult tasks easy to complete in a matter of seconds, not minutes or even hours

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Scheduling Cloud Overview

VAIRKKO Scheduling Cloud system is a battle-tested online employee scheduling platform with powerful features including an intuitive employee self-service portal featuring time off, shift trades/swaps, shift bidding, shift candidates, and auto-scheduling of open shifts. The platform also includes powerful administrative features including overtime management, recurring work patterns, time off approvals, and many schedule editors that make easy work of complex tasks for schedulers within the organization. With tight integration with Certification Cloud, Scheduling Cloud is keenly aware of employee training qualifications to ensure correctly trained employees are placed into the correct shifts.

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- Jacob Theurer, Scheduling Officer

Scheduling Cloud Features

VAIRKKO Scheduling Cloud brings powerful industry leading features to you through a thoughtfully engineered and easy-to-use interface. Each feature has been polished and refined to meet the requirements of some of the most demanding industries such as yours.

Unlimited Schedules

Create unlimited schedules and shifts to meet the ever expanding needs of your business.

Multiple Editors

Manage your schedule weekly, monthly or daily with our easy-to-use schedule editors.

Time Off / Absence Management

Assign time off to staff and easily track lates, call outs/off and early departures from work.

Slot Validations

Scheduling Cloud will validate every staff member for every slot against work hour limits, certifications, double bookings, probationary status and much more to ensure your staff are fully qualified when placed into a slot on your schedule.


With the Scheduling Cloud's INSTANT-Fill feature your staff can schedule themselves into any open slot after they have passed all of your eligibility rules setup within the system.

Work Hour Management

Set work hour rules to enforce maximum consecutive hours, weekly hour limits, monthly hour limits or average daily work limits (ACA) to ensure your staff aren't overworked when on the clock.

Trades / Swaps

Allow staff to easily initiate trades/swaps with other staff members and submit to management for final approval.

Slot Bidding

Allow staff to submit slot bids to let your schedulers know they are interested in working specific open slots.

Staff Availability

Staff can easily submit their availability to your schedulers making it a breeze to fill/complete the monthly schedules.

Slot Candidates

Let Scheduling Cloud make recommendations to you for qualified staff to fill open slots with. Recommendations can be sorted by pay rate, hours or whatever else you want to base your decision on.

Schedule Sync

Staff can easily "SYNC" their work schedules within Scheduling Cloud to their personal calendars such as Google, Yahoo, Apple, etc.

Staff Self Service

Staff can access their schedules 24/7 from any computer, tablet or smart phone. They can submit trades, time off, availability or anything else they might need to do.

Patterns / Templates / Rotations

Build reoccurring work patterns and rotations quickly and easily. Assign work patterns to full-time staff which reduces the time needed to build your monthly schedule.


Let Scheduling Cloud do the hard part of scheduling for you with advanced scheduling automation including filling open shifts, processing time off and much more.


Let Schedule Cloud send shift reminders to your staff days or even hours prior to the start of their scheduled shifts.

Top Benefits of Scheduling Cloud

Less Open Shifts

With the ability for your staff to view and bid on open slots our clients find less open shifts needing to be filled manually by schedulers.

Saves Time

Spend less time managing your schedule with a nearly 40% reduction in the time needed to create and manage your organization's monthly schedules.

Lowers Costs

Built with performance and ease of use in mind which saves you time and money by delivering the right information to you when you need it.


Get rid of the constantly out of date excel spreadsheets and paper schedules and enjoy the efficiencies added by online employee scheduling.

100% Mobile

Scheduling is a 24/7 task and your schedule should be available whenever and wherever you need it. Manage your schedule from anywhere you are.


Enjoy a fully engineered scheduling solution which was thoughtfully implemented making every screen convenient and intuitive.

VAIRKKO Scheduling Cloud is the smart choice when selecting an online employee scheduling tool. Take a sneak peek at the system below.

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