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An Employee Onboarding and Offboarding Management platform.

Define your onboarding playbooks to ensure newly hired employees experience a well-choreographed onboarding experience. Organize onboarding/offboarding tasks, set due dates, responsible parties and so much more to ensure a great first-day experience. Fully integrated with other modules within the VAIRKKO eco-system, which creates seamless data flow and increases productivity and efficiencies while reducing the need for multiple vendors and products and reducing human data entry errors.

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Onboarding is one of the most crucial steps to welcoming a new employee to the workplace. It is reported that 69% of employees will stay at a company longer than three years if they had a good onboarding experience. Onboarding encapsulates more than just the first day on the job, it's all the work that goes into getting ready for an employee's first day and all the events that must take place after! Organize, optimize, and scalable so all employees have the same experience - a great one!

Have you heard? VAIRKKO was named one of the best technology solutions for small businesses in 2018!

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Benefits of Onboarding

save time on transitions

Each person that has a hand in an employee's onboarding experience now has all tasks in one place to be completed! No extra reminders necessary.

Improve Processes

Organizing all onboarding information in one location allows for process improvement over time to make the most of an employees time. Identify friction in the onboarding process, and simply update with the solution in VAIRKKO. Don't make the same mistake twice.


With the Onboarding platform, everything is easily scalable to work if you have one new employee or several!


Onboarding works seamlessly with both the Applicant Tracking System and HR Cloud offered by VAIRKKO. Replace multiple pieces of software for one solution to keep everything centralized from hire to offboarding.

VAIRKKO Onboarding is the smart choice when selecting a onboarding solution. To see more schedule your free product demonstration.

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