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Performance Management Software Built to Deliver Timely Feedback and Grow Your People

Use Performance Cloud to manage the feedback cycle at your organization. With customizable review templates, competency selection, rating scales, and goal-setting - your team will align their performance with company goals and receive specific feedback geared for growth!

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Performance Cloud Overview

VAIRKKO Performance Cloud is a SaaS solution designed to align your employee's performance with company goals and values. With fully customizable evaluation templates, unlimited competency creation and personalized goal-setting, you can keep a pulse on your team's performance and provide real-time feedback.

Following best practice, VAIRKKO allows for the creation of multiple evaluation types such as 360-degree feedback, manager and direct report evaluations, peer-to-peer and self-reflection.

Have you heard? VAIRKKO was selected as one of the top technology solutions for small businesses in 2018.

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Modern Performance Management Software for about $3.00* per employee per month

Say Hello to Painless Feedback! Fast Setup, Easy To Use, Available From Anywhere.
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Top Benefits of Performance Cloud


Completing evaluations allows employees to have clear understanding of expectations and goals for job success.

Career Development

By setting goals and holding employees accountable, Performance Cloud helps to define career development opportunities and improve performance.

Timely Feedback

Instead of waiting to help engage employees in course-correcting behavior - alleviate the feedback tension and open lines of communication.

Reduced Bias

Through electronic performance reviews, now performance will be measured over time on a more frequent basis which eliminates natural bias like the recency bias.

Screen Shots

VAIRKKO Performance Cloud is the smart choice when selecting a performance review platform for your organization. Take a sneak peek at the system below.

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