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HR Cloud is the Easiest and Most Powerful Web-Based HR System for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses on the planet.

Designed by industry professionals with over half a century within the field, HR Cloud delivers where others fall short.

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HR Cloud Overview

VAIRKKO HR Cloud is a beautifully simple, yet powerful HRIMS platform offering powerful tools that every HR team needs. Key Features include a centralized employee database, employee self-service portal, digital signature, behavioral tracking/corrective action, awards management, benefits, documents and so much more. As part of the VAIRKKO eco-system HR Cloud fully integrates with all other modules within the VAIRKKO portfolio.

Thousands have switched to VAIRKKO's HR Cloud solution to manage their HR Workload. Give it a try and see for yourself how VAIRKKO can help you be the here you know you are!

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- R. Donahue, Director of Business Development

HR Cloud Features

VAIRKKO HR Cloud brings powerful, easy-to-use features to your computer, tablet or smart phone through a thoughtfully engineered and easy-to-use system. Each feature has been put under a microscope to ensure you receive the most benefits possible.

Unlimited Staff Records

Enter as many staff members as you have. Our system works for those with 10 employees and all the way up.


Easily communicate with your team via mass email, text messaging and much more.


Dig into your HR data such as EEO and next review/evaluation reports 24/7 from work, home or on the go.

Emergency Contacts

Track staff emergency contacts. Staff can upload their own information from the self-service portal or your HR team can enter it on their behalf.

Medical Information

Easily track staff member's medical information such as allergies, medications and immunizations.

Custom Fields

Expand your data collection using an unlimited number of custom fields within each staff member profile. Even allow staff to supply the information through their self-service portal.

Equipment Tracking

Track which equipment was given to each staff member including when it was assigned and it's condition at that time.

Notes / Comments

Enter private or public notes into staff profiles to keep a detailed record of your interactions with them over time.

Document Storage

Upload hiring paperwork, I-9 files, termination paperwork, tuition reimbursement forms or anything else your staff complete directly into their profile.

HR Data Collection

Collect employee numbers, EEO information, hire date, status change dates, next review dates, job titles, supervisors, work location and much more.

Payroll Data Collection

Track the salary of each employee quickly and easily right within their profile.


Assign very granular security to each staff member, granting various levels of administrative and user level access to personnel records.

Behavior Tracking

Track behavioral infractions for your staff. Issue points, add documents, staff review and acknowledgment, process appeals and much more.


Create reminders for each staff profile to stay on top of due dates for various events.

Onboarding / Offloading

Onboard and offload your staff using customizable series of events that can be assigned to your internal team for completion.

Staff Self-Service

The Staff Self-Service portal allows staff to view information about themselves, submit information to management, upload documents for review and much more.


HR Cloud logs every time staff login, read documents, memos, policies, submit forms or anything else they do within the system.

Employee Groups

Easily manage your entire workforce by creating an unlimited number of groups and assigning staff to the appropriate groups.

Benefits Management

Easily track employee benefits including eligibility dates with automatic reminders, contributions and much more.

esignature system

Electronically create, prepare, send, and manage documents to be electronically signed all within the VAIRKKO platform. 

Background Checks

Easily perform background checks via our partner GoodHire. Safe, secure and fully compliant employee screenings.

Electronic Memos

Post memos to your staff for review; track who read which memos and who has not.

Document Storage

Upload all your organization's documents to a centralized location available to staff to review and download.

Forced Acknowledgment

Post messages to your staff that require their acknowledgment allowing you to confirm they know and are aware of your message.

Discussion Boards

Create Discussion Boards/Forums, unlimited threads and posts. Easily turn on moderation to ensure appropriate use of the system.

Events Calendars

Create an unlimited number of online calendars which can be security controlled by groups of staff members. Allow staff to register for events and more.

Mass Messaging

Send unlimited mass email and text messages to your staff. Great for company wide announcements, emergency "all hands on deck" requests or anything else you may need.

News & Announcements

Spread good news with the News & Announcement system. Attach links and documents to each post.

System Banner Messages

Create banner messages within the VAIRKKO Platform visible to staff once they login. Set an expiration date on your message to ensure the message is taken down automatically when you want.

Internal Messaging

Send internal messages back and forth similar to how you would with email. Compose new messages, reply to existing messages and even forward messages you received from others.

Corporate Manuals

Post your policy and procedures, standard operating guides, employee handbooks or anything else you hold your staff accountable for online in one universally accessible location.

Online Store

The Online Store allows staff to "purchase" items your management team has configured within the system. Uniforms, door access cards, fund-raisers or anything else you may want to post.

Web Sites

Post all of your third party web site links and addresses within our Web Sites tool. This creates a centralized repository of all important links your staff may need such as 401k, benefits, online pay stubs or anything else.

Top Benefits of HR Cloud


With HR Cloud all of your data is stored in a centralized and secure location available to you and your team when at work, at home or on the go.

Saves Time

Save valuable time managing your workforce with intuitive online tools and a lightning fast HR system to blast through your daily duties.

Lowers Costs

Built with performance and ease of use in mind which saves you time and money by delivering the right information to you when you need it.


Stop losing the battle with excel documents and enjoy a high-performance workforce management and HR Information Management system.

Increase Morale

HR Cloud is a fair and transparent software platform that allows staff to see all the information they need at their fingertips.


Staff can upload their own records which management can approve alleviating the need for them to stop by your office and interrupt your work day.

VAIRKKO HR Cloud is the smart choice when selecting an online human resources management system. Take a sneak peek at the system below.

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