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Is Your Small Business in Need of Workforce Management Software?

Small business professionals are no strangers to hard work and its value for an organization. Oftentimes jumping into multiple tasks that are not tied to a job description but helpful for the health of the organization, small business employees and managers work tirelessly to propel a small business to success. It is not uncommon to find small businesses that go without the technology and advances of the larger corporations because of limited resources and time, but if there is one piece of software a small business should not go without - it is workforce management software.

Even if some of the pressure points in your business include limited funds and manpower, workforce management software is a piece of technology that every small business owner should consider from the onset. Do not wait too long before looking into these solutions especially if you find that any of the following problems are plaguing your day-to-day:

You Want to Spend Less Time on Administrative Tasks

Even the most organized of people ask for more time in the day. Whether you have family or other obligations outside of work, sometimes that time is filled with extra work, especially administrative tasks. If it feels like many of your tasks are being manually done but could be automated, if only partially, then it’s probably time to start researching some workforce management software solutions. These solutions can help consolidate business policies, track employee time, employee information, time off, etc. With all the business information in one place, not to mention the many plugins, APIs, and partnerships between many vendors - these software solutions become a one-stop shop for all business information from resources to employees.

Adopting a workforce management solution requires the initial set-up and training, but once fully implemented, automation is a breeze, organizing information in a digestible manner is manageable, and good-bye manual tasks that cut into valuable time.

Hiring More Staff isn’t in the Budget

Oftentimes, small businesses can avoid hiring until business is more steady and simply turn to technology instead. Hiring new employees can be scary, not to mention downright expensive. Looking for ways to forego hiring another person and instead finding ways to automate processes and turn to technology is not only a wise business investment, but makes a lot of sense even from a responsibilities standpoint. When hiring people, ensuring that their job does not consist of data entry and instead developing positions that are fulfilling can help with turnover. Letting the technology resources available do the tactical work and instead let the humans focus on more strategic decisions and planning.Business people having a meeting in cosy meeting room  

Workforce management software can help your business accomplish more with the same number of staff, eliminating the need for the additional employees (at least until there is sustainable business growth and a pressing need for more hands). From compiling data, organizing payroll, crunching financial numbers, sending automated reminders - workforce management software acts like an additional employee oftentimes at a fraction of the cost.

Compliance is Worrisome

Depending on the industry in which you work, compliance can be a big deal - but no matter which industry you work: HR paywork alone needs to be compliant with the law. Getting to the point of compliance and maintaining compliance on top of every other job small business owners are responsible for is a very challenging task for even the hardest working owners. Finding yourself non-compliant can put your business at risk and can oftentimes be detrimental to the health and future of a small business.

Workforce management software is a simple solution to solving compliance woes. While it completes the same processes as a human initially was, with less work, this software typically increases compliance by all businesses that regularly use and maintain the work that they put into the software. By investing in this type of solution for your business, you begin to rely on it to identify and prevent overtime, properly categorize employees, and plan for vacation time. It becomes much simpler to stay compliant without expensive seminars and additional training.

You’re Ready to Compete with Big Business

Over the years, corporations have taken on much more power and made it harder for small businesses to compete. Local shops and family owned businesses who can’t keep up with the lowest prices and aggressive tactics that large businesses use have resulted in closed store fronts. For the small businesses that survive, the need to remain tactical when it comes to expansion is key.

Workforce management software is a way to remain in the game. While large corporations also rely on this sort of software to remain agile, this type of software allows smaller organizations to compile data on what it takes to prepare for expansion and grow. With data at your fingertips, making smart decisions driven by facts becomes all the more easy. While there are statistics floating around the internet that you could use to help guide your decision-making processes, oftentimes your business does not exist within the same environment in which the surveys are completed, people are not always truthful, and there are many other issues with taking poll data to guide your next move. With your own data, you are given specific information on exactly how your business operates, where its shortcomings are and finding inefficiencies that can be improved.

Workforce management software is a low-cost piece of technology that can have a big impact on your business. From ensuring you meet federal and state regulations to consolidating all your data in an easy-to-digest format - these solutions have been proven to save time and money, not to mention decrease the amount of monotonous work that is being done manually.

If you find yourself struggling with one or more of the above, it’s time to start investing some resources into finding workforce management software for your small business. From time, money, decrease in manual tasks, and more there are tons of benefits to be gained from investing in technology no matter how small your business!

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