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What's New at VAIRKKO: Unveiling Our Latest Features and Mobile App Enhancements

At VAIRKKO, we're committed to evolving with the needs of our users, constantly seeking ways to refine and enhance our platform's capabilities. This quarter, we're excited to unveil a comprehensive suite of updates aimed at optimizing scheduling flexibility, improving attendance management, and expanding mobile app functionalities. These enhancements are a testament to our dedication to providing the most comprehensive and user-friendly workforce management solution on the market.

Advanced Attendance Management

Attendance Event Sub-Type Implementation: We've introduced sub-types for attendance events, allowing schedulers to assign point values based on specific tardiness or absence categories. This nuanced approach ensures a fair and precise evaluation of attendance patterns. Reports 5 & 6 now reflect attendance event sub-types and their corresponding points, offering admins a detailed view of attendance metrics tailored to their unique configurations.

Enhanced "Process" Modal Updates: Processing Scheduled vs Punched and Time Off events now includes the selection of sub-types for missed punches and call-offs, enabling accurate point allocation according to predefined criteria.

Improved User Scheduling Usability

Enhanced Visibility and Interaction: From displaying existing bids on the company calendar to introducing a "Select Date" picker across scheduling pages, we've made it easier for users to view, bid on, and manage their schedules with fewer clicks and enhanced clarity.

Streamlined Bid Management: The addition of a message indicating a filtered display in the bid center, along with the ability to delete submitted bids directly from the calendar, empowers users to manage their bids more efficiently and effectively.

Mass Bid Submissions

Simplified Bid Submission Process: By enabling multi-select of open shifts and adding validation steps, we've streamlined the process of submitting bids for multiple shifts, saving time and reducing the effort required to secure desired shifts.

Mass Page Out

Efficiency in Communication: The implementation of mass page out across various editors, coupled with email and text notifications, allows schedulers to quickly notify employees of available shifts, enhancing the speed and efficiency of filling open slots.


Process Availability in Schedule Editors

Drag-and-Drop Functionality: We've introduced the ability to display, collapse, and drag-and-drop submitted availability in our Calendar and Grid Editors, simplifying the process of assigning shifts based on employee availability.


Streamlining Bonuses

Automated Rewards Distribution: Introducing an automation rule that allows admins to automatically allocate bonus points or badges based on specific triggers or dates, optimizing the incentive and reward system.


Mobile App Enhancements for On-the-Go Management

Launching New Capabilities in Admin iForms: From answering admin questions to managing documents and tasks associated with submitted iForms, our mobile app updates empower admins to process iForms efficiently while on the go.

Mobile Scheduling Management: New features such as approving/denying shift trades, creating schedule slots, and managing bids directly from the mobile app significantly enhance the flexibility and responsiveness of scheduling admins.

VAIRKKO's latest product update embodies our commitment to innovation and user-centric development. By enhancing our platform's functionality and usability, we aim to empower organizations and their employees with the tools they need to succeed in today's dynamic work environments. Explore these new features and discover how VAIRKKO is driving the future of workforce management solutions.

Stay tuned for our next update, as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in workforce management technology.

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