We Don't Advertise Our Pricing...

and Here's Why

The reason we don't openly advertise our pricing is because each company we work with is unique and therefore your pricing will be unique to your needs. Pricing factors include the number of employees, number of modules used, agreement term, training options and more. 

We are committed to your success with our platform and each one of our customers enjoys unlimited customer support, free upgrades and releases without an additional charge, and pricing that works for any company regardless of size. 

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With VAIRKKO there are many options to choose from.


Whether you're looking for an HRIS or an LMS, we have something that can suit your needs. VAIRKKO was started to ensure access to affordable solutions for businesses, large and small, and provide solutions to their most pressing needs in terms of the workforce. From organizing employee information, distributing time-sensitive details, or training from every role in the organization. Whether you're facing one or all of these situations, we have a solution for you. 


Learning Management Products

Certification Cloud

Perfect for tracking certifications, licenses, training and more.

e-Learning Cloud

Managing and distributing in-house training has never been so easy.

Quality Assurance

Ensure quality from customer service to sales and beyond with this software.

Skills Testing

Test the skills of your employees with the help of this cloud-based software.

Human Resources Products

HR Cloud

All your HR needs met at the click of a button.

Forms Cloud

Send important forms with forced acknowledgement and obtain signatures.

Survey Cloud

From employee job satisfaction to simple team voting - this cloud covers it all.

Time+Payroll Cloud

Fulfill your time and payroll needs with one platform available on all devices.

We want to discuss your software needs.

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