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Tracking Training, Certifications & More in the Renewable Energy Industry

With new regulations on the horizon for companies in California that sell, produce, distribute, and install solar panels, there has never been a better time to adopt software solutions that help your company become and stay organized. In early May, 2018, California became the first state to introduce new regulations on houses being built, by 2020 each new house must use solar power. While California has long been the leader with its clean energy goals, many states will likely follow this initiative. 

While home costs will rise by a considerable amount, the idea is to leave less of a carbon footprint and lower overall electricity and energy costs for homeowners, eventually seeing cost savings despite the initial hurdle when purchasing a house. Solar Panel Companies need to invest in certification tracking solutions

From the construction industry, to contractors, producers, and more that have a hand in developing and later placing solar panels in houses, these new regulations could mean tighter regulations across each of the associate industries. From the training that employees will receive, to a higher influx of purchasers for the materials associated with creating solar panels, and more - it is time for these businesses to think seriously about their training processes, managing certifications, and continuing education. With an increased need for education of consumers, solar panel companies could benefit from the use of a learning management system. Creating courses and content for employees to become well versed in the benefits, costs, regulations and other necessary educational material will improve customer service, sales, marketing and the entire company. Additionally, bundling a learning management system with certification tracking software will allow solar panel companies to do away with excel or spreadsheet software that can be clunky and disorganized and instead use features like automated reminders to ensure your employees are up-to-date with all compliance necessities and internal training.

While California is the first state to require solar panel installation in new houses, many other cities and states are following suit with increased regulation or deregulation of the industry. In places like Nevada, homeowners are able to sell their energy to electric companies at retail price - which in effect continues to save homeowners even more money on their bills. With more movement across the industry, there are many new jobs being introduced and expansion across companies as a whole. With many more advancements guaranteed in the future, staying on top of certifications and training is going to make or break companies. Again, investing in solutions that monitor expirations of certifications, tracks training or continued education, and more could save HR and legal teams a lot of headaches during audits and the like. While the industry is changing at a rapid pace, get ahead of potential problems with education, development, and training and invest in certification tracking and a learning management system today.

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