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Tracking Compliance in Highly Regulated Industries

With increasing regulation within many industries, keeping track of what is important and necessary  can be quite a task for any human resources department - not to mention, time consuming. With looming audits, and fear of falling out of compliance, there are many moving parts that HR professionals need to keep in check. 

Whether you’re currently using a spreadsheet software or another tool - VAIRKKO can help immensely. Our award-winning Certification Cloud was made specifically for companies that experience a lot of regulation and are forced to remain compliant. 

While compliance is necessary, sometimes with all the changing requirements from year-to-year or from departments to job roles - not to mention state law, things can get tricky and fast. With advanced features that are out of the scope of spreadsheet software, VAIRKKO takes the headache out of managing these compliance efforts. 

So what are these features that help to maintain compliance in ever-changing industries? 

Compliance Rules

Aside from the obvious, tracking certifications and other necessary items to keep track of, VAIRKKO Certification Cloud comes with advanced tools to help you write compliance rules to check against your employees certifications. These rules will help you to quickly measure who is and is not compliant according to your settings. At the click of a button you can answer questions such as: 

“Who would be a good fit for a position based on these requirements?”

“Who needs to re-certify?”
“Who is able to be promoted?”

“Who should be the team lead on this project?”


With VAIRKKO, notifying employees of an upcoming expiration is easier than ever and quite literally “set it, and forget it.” While you are assigning certifications, you are able to set expirations dates for an employee to be reminded. Once reminded, employees have the opportunity to upload their own certifications, and all the HR team or manager has to do is approve the submission! 

QR Verify

If you work in an industry outside an office setting, checking compliance on the go can be difficult. Now, instead of printing out certifications and compliance in a large report - auditors can check compliance with a QR reader - available on most smartphones. 


With many reports to choose from and ample filtering opportunities, there is more information at your fingertips than ever before. Now, with the ability to access so much data, even if you happen to fall out of compliance, you are able to quickly assess where the holes are in your organization and create a solution. 

Certification Cloud Dashboard

These four features alone make your job of staying compliant much easier. Save both time and money with VAIRKKO’s Certification Cloud for your regulated industry.

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