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[NEW FEATURE] Compliance Rule Collections

VAIRKKO’s Certification Cloud has always had a feature that allowed administrators or managers within the system to create Compliance Rules. These rules were a way to measure an employee’s adherence to a set of rules whether required by a governing and oversight agency, or what is valued within an organization. Once compliance rules are set up, it takes a click of a button to measure every employee against the standard to ensure a company is meeting its compliance targets.

VAIRKKO has since expanded the capabilities of its Compliance Rules and has added additional functionality to the already powerful feature. Now, VAIRKKO has a feature called Compliance Rules Collections to allow or even more advanced rule building and measuring of employees compliance. Creating a compliance rule used to only measure one set of guidelines against an existing employees certifications/trainings/etc. Now, with Compliance Rules Collections, it is possible for an employer to create a set of rules, all of which need to be followed, in order to be considered compliant. These collections act as a sort of “umbrella” by which to measure employees.

Ultimately, these rule collections work as a sort of “and” feature linking multiple rules. Instead of measuring an employees compliance against multiple rules that should all be connected and aren’t through the individual compliance rules feature. A compliance rules collection allows for multiple rules to be built out and linked together and then applied simultaneously to the employee records to sort out compliance standards.

A great example of where this feature will be extremely valuable to users of the VAIRKKO platform: let’s say, for example, a company requires employees to be Cisco Black Certified. Within the Cisco Black certification there are multiple different requirements to pass in order to maintain or earn this status. The company would then create individual rules within the compliance collection set that pertain to the Cisco Black Certification. Instead of setting individual rules to measure compliance, it is more helpful to apply all the rules in unison - saving both time and effort.

There are hundreds of use cases for the compliance rules collections and VAIRKKO is excited about this added functionality as the need for additional parameters in which to measure compliance was apparent across many current clients.

To review how compliance rule collections are created, follow along with this guide here.

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