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Finding the Right Candidate

As hiring managers, HR managers, and recruiters, it is your responsibility to make the right hiring decisions and find the right candidate. You have an important job: making sure that any applicant for a position deserves to work for the company. Especially in the EMS/EMT, construction, technology, and energy industries, a company’s future growth and success are directly influenced by the quality of the employees it chooses.

Given how crucial the hiring process is, you should be able to select the best candidate. However, regardless of how many questions you ask a prospective employee during an interview, the impression they give may not be entirely representative of who they are. To assist you in improving your recruiting process, this article will give you some tips on how to find the best candidate.

Begin With a Compelling Position Description

The first step in finding the ideal candidate is to draw them in. However, you need to be careful to attract the right applicant rather than just anyone who is looking for a job. Having a compelling position description is one of the best ways to attract the right candidates — it also ensures you know exactly what you’re looking for. If you are unsure of the qualifications, abilities, and experience you need to fill a position, it can be challenging to find the right applicant.

When writing a position description, you should abandon the outdated method where the job title and experience requirements are the only things stated. Today, every job description needs to include key and specific information that your company needs, including:

  • Job title
  • Specific education, degree, or certification required
  • Required years of experience in the specific industry
  • Specific job goals
  • Reporting structure
  • Anticipated tasks
  • Performance evaluation process
  • Expected salary range
  • Included benefits

The clearer your job post is, the easier it is for applicants to self-evaluate and submit applications only if qualified. This can help you sort through resumes to find ones that match the criteria needed and can limit the pool of applicants who submit resumes to those who have the necessary qualifications.

Utilize Behavioral Evaluations

Utilizing behavioral evaluations or assessments is one of the best methods for selecting the best candidates. You can examine a person’s behavior to see how they approach their work and accomplish their goals. While resumes and reference checks may give information on skill sets, a behavioral assessment can reveal a person’s side of the story, which is frequently the reason people struggle in new roles.

Behavioral evaluations are a quick and affordable way to increase your confidence that the candidate will be successful in the position. Because of their diversity and adaptability, behavioral assessment techniques can be used either independently or in conjunction with other tools, like aptitude and personality tests, to build a comprehensive portrait of a person. Here are a few advantages that a behavioral assessment can provide:

  • Prediction of results (validity)
  • Positive reactions from candidates
  • Fairness (adverse impact) 
  • Acceptance and quality of feedback
  • Realistic job previews
  • Managing impression

A behavioral assessment may be the deciding factor if multiple candidates have comparable skill sets, experiences, and qualifications. You can choose one among the options using the best behavioral assessment result.

Make Use of Social Networking

In today’s digitally-driven world where people are constantly online, the ideal candidate is likely on a social network. No matter the industry, social networking is one of the top favored platforms used to find new jobs. As a result, search on social media for candidates. Think about connecting with people on LinkedIn and other professional networks. These professional networks allow you to get resume details without an actual resume. You can also access a wealth of excellent job candidates by joining professional organizations and similar social networking groups.

Social media is an effective tool for finding candidates because it not only lets you post your job listing but also allows you to look for job seekers. Better yet, you can filter by categories like industry for an easier search. Social media makes it simple for candidates to contact you, and it also makes it simple for you to contact them, allowing you to personalize your approach. Just be sure to post a compelling job description on social media to draw in the right applicants.

Utilize Applicant Tracking Cloud

To more effectively find the ideal candidate in today’s digitally driven world, you will need a digital solution. VAIRKKO provides a service called Applicant Tracking Cloud which can elevate your hiring process. Applicant Tracking Cloud is a straightforward but feature-rich applicant tracking system (ATS). It is a single platform that enables your business to advertise open positions, monitor new applications, walk candidates through the hiring process and onboarding, extend offers, involve the recruiting team, and communicate with all pertinent parties.

Here are some of the key benefits of using Applicant Tracking Cloud in your hiring process:

  • Customized Applications: It enables you to create original and compelling application processes. Applications can be customized for particular, departmental, or positional requirements so you can be sure you’re screening candidates for hire with the right questions.
  • Automated Triggers: It automatically sends internal and external emails, solicits feedback, distributes questionnaires, and more through a variety of automated triggers that can be applied to any pipeline stage in your hiring process.
  • Special Questions: It develops questionnaires to find out more about your candidates and the unique attributes they can bring to the company. It automatically is sent to the candidate’s inbox and asks them to complete it. These questions are not your typical application questions; rather, they were created to address the unique needs of the company.
  • Feedback: To encourage team buy-in and help the hiring team make the best choice, it enables you to ask for feedback on a candidate before moving them through the process.
  • Quality Reports: You can use it to run reports to learn metrics that can be used to improve your current hiring process. These reports include the best lead source, the average time it takes to fill a position, etc.

Bottom Line

Given how quickly technology is evolving, using a digital solution like Applicant Tracking Cloud can make the hiring process more effective. Regardless of the industry, hiring managers, HR managers, and recruiters can now quickly find the perfect candidate and bring in employees who can perform and help the company achieve its goals.

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