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Capterra, the leading free resource providing businesses with software information, has just named VAIRKKO as one of their emerging favorites on the 2021 Capterra Shortlist.

All of the products included on the training management software list had high satisfaction ratings from users. Although not as well-known as the top performers, these emerging favorites are companies that Capterra has found to have great potential.

How Capterra’s Data-Driven Methodology Ranks Vendors

Out of more than 700 products that Capterra had to choose from, VAIRKKO Suite was one of fifteen that were recognized as emerging favorites. Our VAIRKKO system was also the third product on the list.

In selecting the products that were included on their 2021 Shortlist, Capterra analyzed and eliminated any software that wasn’t able to meet its standards in terms of functionality and reviews. They then chose the most popular products and plotted them in their rating list.

According to Capterra, its shortlist methodology scores vendors on two aspects: user ratings and popularity. Each of the ratings and popularity scores is weighted based on a value from 1 to 50.

Some of the data sources that are assessed include data from technology vendors, approved user reviews, and other public data sources.

To be included in a category, Capterra requires all products to meet the following:

  • Has at least 20 unique product reviews uploaded on Capterra within 24 months of when the research process started
  • Product has evidence of offering the necessary features
  • Product is available to users in North America
  • Product is relevant to software users across various industries
  • Product has attained a minimum overall user-review rating
  • Product has attained a minimum popularity score

Although our VAIRKKO Suite only had a popularity score of 25 out of 50, our ratings score was a near-perfect 49 out of 50.

The scoring for popularity is understandable since our system is relatively “young” compared to the others on the list. However, based on the ratings score, many users found VAIRKKO Suite to be incredibly beneficial to their organizations.


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VAIRKKO Suite Seen as a Promising Training Tracking System

VAIRKKO is indeed one of the most promising training management software vendors today and we want to provide only the best solutions to our customers.

We designed the VAIRKKO Suite to be an integrated, yet standalone system that offers a combination of learning management and core HR features all in one place. Our solution is truly scalable as our customers only have to spend money on modules that they wish to use and whenever they are needed.

With VAIRKKO Suite, companies can leverage capabilities such as training tracking, certification tracking, onboarding, learning management, document management, and more.

Furthermore, our VAIRKKO Suite has not only been named an emerging favorite as a training management software but Capterra also recognized our system as one of its 2021 emerging favorites under the human resource category as well.

Some of the main features that VAIRKKO Suite users can expect from the platform include:

  • 360-degree feedback
  • Academic/education
  • Applicant tracking
  • Asynchronous learning
  • Benefits management
  • Blended learning
  • Built-in course authoring
  • Built-in learning management system
  • Certification & licensing
  • Compensation management
  • Electronic forms
  • Employee database

The features that VAIRKKO Suite offers not only make it an excellent learning management and human resource software but also an onboarding and training system for organizations.


We are extremely pleased and proud that our VAIRKKO Suite has been recognized by one of the best software resource information companies online.

Thanks to this recognition from Capterra, we expect our software to gain a higher popularity score by the next assessment.

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