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Automation Benefits for Your Employee Training Management Program

Learning management plays a crucial role in the success of organizations worldwide. However, tracking compliance, certifications, and required hours can be an overwhelming endeavor for any department. Disregarding such responsibilities can cause legal repercussions, massive losses, and lower staff morale.

Fortunately, recent technologies have given rise to training automation. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), companies can now oversee the 

training certification requirements of various employees.

This article will cover the benefits of automating your training management program and how software like VAIRKKO can streamline your processes. Additionally, you will learn about our new VAIRKKO automation system — a free tool included with all our products that can take your training efforts to new heights.

Reduce Operational Costs

As entrepreneurs know, the cost of doing business increases annually. In most cases, labor takes up most of these expenses, including wages, benefits, and taxes. Based on recent wage and salary statistics, the annual wage growth in the US has averaged 6.13% since 1960. Hiring even one unnecessary employee can hurt your bottom line.

As industries evolve, so do business tools. One of the best options to reduce operational expenses is to automate tedious tasks like learning management administration.

With technology’s help, you won't have to hire more team members exclusively for training purposes. Keep in mind that the cost of hiring new employees can reach $5,000 per professional and often much more.

Instead, you can use software like VAIRKKO to perform these repetitive tasks. A learning management system (LMS) like our e-Learning Cloud distributes content efficiently and accountably, eliminating the need for the additional training of employees.

Boost Productivity

The responsibility of overseeing training activities across various departments includes six core functions:

  1. Recruit qualified employees for particular jobs.
  2. Create policies to maintain workplace safety.
  3. Strengthen the professional relationship between the top management and employees.
  4. Manage compensation and benefits.
  5. Observe labor law compliance.
  6. Supervise training and development programs.

On the other hand, these are some of the tasks involved in the sixth core function:

  • Define team duties and individual responsibilities.
  • Develop training material.
  • Assign training for each team member.
  • Keep compliance and certification records.
  • Provide technical support.
  • Update manual content.
  • Gather feedback.
  • Enhance training programs.

Even with a small team, these tasks can become burdensome. Without automation, a team can’t focus on employee engagement, experience, and welfare.

Additionally, you don’t want to swamp your department with time-consuming tasks. If you do, your compliance efforts might suffer, which could lead to catastrophic consequences for your business.

If you haven't invested in training automation yet, we highly recommend you do. It can save you from unnecessary fines, reputation attacks, and downtime. At VAIRKKO, we have been helping departments make the most out of their time with a platform that oversees all training functions.

Increase Reliability

In a business setting, the term reliability refers to repeatedly achieving the desired results. For example, we can say a manufacturing process that achieves desired results using defined limits is reliable.

Organizations should aim for reliability across various components, from processes to personnel to products. Here are some ways to achieve this feat for the personnel component:

  • During training sessions, use enough material to assess individual competence. We recommend avoiding absurdly long tests, but make sure to ask enough questions per objective.
  • Create a consistent environment. Provide individuals with similar roles with the same material, accessibility options, and completion times.
  • Make sure training participants know how to use your interface. If employees don’t know how to operate platforms, their assessments will not reflect their competence level.

We can’t reiterate enough how challenging these tasks are for an individual or a small teams. However, with automation, boosting your system’s reliability will be a cinch.

Optimize Performance

Decision-makers like the idea of companies that perform seamlessly across different departments, but it’s not always the case. Increasing efficiency means making the most out of every employee’s work hours.

To achieve maximum efficiency, teams should observe these factors:

  • Match roles to necessary training. Make sure to assign the correct material to every employee. Apart from being a critical step for compliance, it will also help you unlock your workers’ full potential.
  • Make sure everyone knows their goals. You can’t expect employees to meet or exceed expectations without informing them of their targets. Before completing a course, discuss training objectives with each team member.
  • Provide valuable information. The goal of training employees is to enhance their knowledge and skills critical to their line of duty. You don’t have to supply them with excessive information they don’t need.
  • Gather and offer feedback. Improvements begin with constructive comments. Just as you can inform employees about aspects they need to work on, be open to suggestions on how to improve your training efforts.
  • Don’t be afraid to delegate. Even with the help of AI, training departments still play a crucial role in training success. If the work is too much for one employee, don’t be afraid to involve the whole team in the training process. With the help of automation, working together has never been easier.

The right software can save your company and employees countless hours, enabling teams to focus on high-value activities.

Minimize Human Errors

A safety leadership article revealed that human errors cause 80 – 90% of workplace mishaps. Below are some of the most common human errors found in a professional environment.

  • Relationships: While workplace camaraderie can boost morale, it can affect feelings, preferences, and opinions. Even unconscious biases can result in disastrous results.
  • Fatigue: When training officers try to complete their tasks despite being too tired, they become prone to mistakes. Circumstances like these can affect the quality of training sessions.
  • Speed working: As mentioned earlier, teams have six core functions. When they rush through their daily duties to meet a quota, they risk missing crucial training details.

There’s one viable solution to minimize human errors in employee training management programs: automation. Machines don’t feel biases, fatigue, and pressure. Given similar conditions, their work remains consistent anytime, anywhere.

VAIRKKO Workforce Management Software

At VAIRKKO, we have always aimed to develop the most powerful, easy-to-use management software ideal for all business types and sizes. Since our inception in 2009, we’ve helped hundreds of companies enhance their learning management efforts through automation.

Our system was critical in reducing operational costs, boosting productivity, increasing reliability, optimizing performance, and minimizing human errors.

We have a suite of products ideal for compliance and training management:

  • Certification Cloud - A Training Management and Tracking Platform: Designed to improve compliance through timely alerts for expiring items
  • E-Learning Cloud - A Learning Management Software Platform: Offering consistent, on-time training employees can access anytime and anywhere
  • Classroom Cloud - An In-Person Training Management Platform: Ideal for tracking class rosters, locations, and training sessions
  • Skills Testing Cloud - An Obersavational Skills Evaluation Platform: Perfect for organizations looking to ensure employees have the muscle memory to perform their job-related skills.

Despite their success, we felt we could do more for our clients. For this reason, we created the VAIRKKO automation system — a free tool for further enhancing employee training efforts. If you already use our products, you can combine this add-on with your VAIRRKO platform to push the envelope of what is possible within your system.

The VAIRKKO automation system is a fully integrated add-on that enables clients to set unlimited automation rules within their platform. These rules have three components: a name, a condition, and actions.

For example, you can select a certification expiration trigger to warn involved departments whenever a certification is about to expire. Afterward, you can choose a condition, such as a one-week trigger before termination. Subsequently, you can determine the next course of action you want to take.

Below are some of the features of our free tool.

Move Employees In and Out of User Groups

You can create groups through our tool to move employees in and out of user groups. If you base these groups on training completion, you can add professionals who need specific courses and remove those who complete them. This feature enables the training department to track training activity better and with more ease.

Send Notifications

Our add-on provides top management with valuable information, such as skill gap analysis. The department can match the reports to the corresponding decision-makers. Through the available data, they can make the necessary adjustments to enhance their training programs.

Create Tasks for Employees

Through the VAIRKKO automation system, department heads can pre-determine the tasks employees should perform to complete a training session. For example, managers can require courses, training videos, discussion activities, dialogue simulations, and assessments. This component ensures maximum efficiency and productivity and eliminates the need for unnecessary red tape.

Drip Training Assignments to Employees

With this attribute, training leadership doesn't have to send each training manual to employees individually. Doing so will take up too much time and is prone to human errors. Instead, you can activate an automatic dripping of lessons and documents in succession after the employee completes the previous task.

Add Points for Employees

VAIRKKO offers a company store within the platform — a built-in incentive program for employees where they can exchange points for gifts cards, coffee, company swag, etc. We discovered many years ago that incentive programs drastically improve performance by as much as 40%. Because of this observation, we integrated our automation system with our Point Bank. This feature allows department heads to develop incentive programs and designate points for completed tasks conveniently.

Rate Employee Skill Levels

Our automation system allows heads to rate employees for various skills with a five-point scoring system, allowing them to track skill improvements and training effectiveness. In our platform, a score of five indicates high proficiency. Supervisors can determine targets and develop improvement plans for employees that lack expertise in specific business components.

Automate Your Employee Training

Automating your employee training has many benefits, including massive financial and time savings. If you use VAIRKKO, you can integrate our free automation system with your existing platform to enjoy its many advantages.

However, if you’re among the 22% of companies without workflow automation systems, it’s time to reconsider your training strategy. After all, noncompliance can lead to colossal losses.

We’d love to show you how our software can unlock your full potential as a team. Request a demo now to start your journey toward exponential growth.

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