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The eLearning Cloud Learning Management System is designed specifically to make your job a whole lot easier, much more efficient ...and make YOU look like the hero you know you are.


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eLearning Cloud is VAIRKKO's innovative, affordable, and automated learning management system built for organizations who want an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use training management software platform.  Use it in a browser on mobile devices. 


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Spoiler alert. You won't be happy. You will be freakin thrilled you went with VAIRKKO's eLearning Cloud learning management system.

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If you are looking to have a unique learning experience that fits your organization's needs, VAIRKKO is the company to use!
Jackie B
Training & Development Manager
We have exceeded our Safety & Training goals, and VAIRKKO is featured during business audits and presentations, as the tool our organization uses to facilitate better than 98% training currency! Proud to partner with this company!
Maria H
Implementation and Training Manager
We are using VAIRKKO to track over 1,000 different certifications for over 250 employees. This has replaced excel spreadsheets that we used before VAIRKKO. The roadmap and reporting features are fantastic!
Judy P
Director of Human Resources

Gamification & Badging

No matter the subject matter or audience, gamification in learning can help organizations create educational, entertaining, and exciting content. It is not intended to transform work into a game, but it touches on the psychology that encourages human engagement.

The rewards can be intensely satisfying and motivating as well.


Ready-to-Go Content

VAIRKKO offers an extensive library of over 1500+ courses ranging in topics including Human Resources, Compliance, Safety, Management, Occupational Skills, and more. Purchase our entire library or just a few courses of interest. Our content is up-to-date, offers everything including power-points, pdfs, videos, and quizzes. 


Training on the Go

VAIRKKO offers both IOS and Android native phone and tablet apps so you and your staff will be able to access required and assigned training on the go.  The app comes free with VAIRKKO's subscription and offers innovative and clever features sure to delight your staff.

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Wonderfully Simple

Without all the bloated features that nobody is going to use the VAIRKKO eLearning Cloud LMS system is simple, straightforward, and to the point. Assign training, track progress, and manage your teams' compliance in a fraction of the time it would take using other solutions.


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With so many features, use-cases and benefits one webpage cannot go over everything. That's why we created a comprehensive product brochure for you to check out. It covers all the common use-cases, benefits, and features the product has to offer. 

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