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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Raleigh, NC; 07/12/2017: xplorexIT has named VAIRKKO a Best Cloud Solution Provider for 2017. Cloud technology holds its significance in almost every field of innovation. It maybe your applications, servers or a database. You can take advantage of a wide portfolio of computer, storage and network products, then cost effectively scale on-demand as your business grows — often while delivering faster time to market than previously achievable.  With that said, finding a Cloud Solution Provider you can trust can be difficult and even a daunting task. xplorexIT has reviewed thousands of companies offering nearly every type of cloud based software to find the elite amongst the crowd.

About xplorexIT
Xplorex IT is a global information technology research company with a focus on news, publications, and advisory services. We help IT decision makers find the best solutions.

VAIRKKO is a Raleigh-based technology company that brings powerful workforce management solutions tailored for the small to mid-market including HR, Time/Payroll and Learning Management solutions. VAIRKKO has been adopted by organizations around the globe to assist in managing their HR and Learning Management needs.

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