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Raleigh, North Carolina - VAIRKKO today announced the signing of a new client, ADT Security Services. ADT Security Services, who provides security monitoring for their residential and commercial clients, will retain VAIRKKO to provide an all-inclusive training management software solution for their company. 

“Some of us have been here a while and some of our team is new - we are working on getting better organized and VAIRKKO's solutions will provide a single pane of glass to manage and monitor our employee's training compliance” said Jessica Mcbee

VAIRKKO will be providing ADT Security Services with its full training management software solution, aiding the company with all of the necessary tools required to lower corporate risk, increase compliance, improve visibility, and enhance productivity. This includes developing a Skills Matrix, Competency Matrix, and comprehensive Training Tracking. 

VAIRKKO’s Vice President of Sales, Brian Polackoff, proudly shared: “VAIRKKO is thrilled to welcome ADT Security Services to the growing list of leading companies leveraging the VAIRKKO's training management software platform to add visibility, accountability, and clarity to their organization.” 

With the help of its unified web-based platform and cutting-edge technology, VAIRKKO will ensure that ADT Security Services is provided with a fast and easy way to manage its entire workforce and all of its operations. The fully mobile management platform will provide its client with a suite of specialized cloud products.



For additional information or media requests, contact: 

Brian Polackoff, Vice President of Sales


ADT Security Services has been providing security to our customers for over 145 years. Today, more than 17,000 professionals in over 200 locations throughout the U.S. ensure that our over 6 million customers stay as safe and secure as possible. 

VAIRKKO Technologies, LLC (VAIRKKO) provides innovative and affordable training management software solutions, including training tracking and management solutions. VAIRKKO’s robust solution is built on a state-of-the-art platform to give businesses a distinct advantage. VAIRKKO provides businesses with the necessary tools such as Training Tracking, Learning Management Systems, Certification Tracking, Online Learning, and much more to help increase employee morale, boost training and compliance across the organization—all while reducing costs for our valued clients.



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