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VAIRKKO And The VAIRKKO Certification Cloud

VAIRKKO is a suite of powerful industry leading clouds that give you the power to boost performance, accountability and communication throughout your organization.  VAIRKKO Certification Cloud is a web-based, fully-mobile solution that tracks your skilled workforce's certifications, credentials, trainings, exams and more.

The elegant design, ease of use and powerful features allow you and your organization to stay in compliance, reduce your risk of fines and ensures your contract requirements are fully met at all times.  Insightful reports, color coded charts, and an easy to understand user interface allow you to clearly see your compliance levels on an organizational, group, or individual basis.

VAIRKKO Certification Cloud sends out automatic alerts reminding both staff and management when expiration dates are approaching and allows for users to submit new and updated certifications for approval straight from their smart phone or tablet.  The ability to have an unlimited number of security groups ensures that individual employees, managers, and senior leaders all have access to the information they need while ensuring privacy and security.

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