Choosing The Right Human Resources Software Solution

  • September 30, 2016

Human Resources is an essential function in today’s business environment. From recruiting, retaining, engaging, and training staff, to administering employee benefits, to ensuring compliance with rules, regulations, and laws HR impacts so many areas.  Leading organizations today realize that their HR team and HR processes can be leveraged to create a competitive advantage.  These winning organizations understand that strong HR leadership and HR practices result in better performing employees.

Human Resource Management can pose special challenges to small and medium size businesses.  Many of these organizations may lack sufficient HR resources.  Small to medium size businesses can improve their HR Management by utilizing some sort of human resources software - referred to as an HRIS or HRMS.  The right HR technology can improve operations, increase efficiency, boost employee engagement, and improve compliance.

When looking for HRMS or HRIS solutions, small to medium size businesses should consider several things.  Here is a list to help you get started.

Cloud-Based & Mobile Solutions

Cloud based and mobile HR software solutions are often the preferred type of system.  Cloud based systems often provide a better ROI and have a lower cost of entry making them a more budget friendly option over traditional installed software packages.  Cloud based products that are mobile compliant work across devices and will allow your team to access and utilize data while on the go offering more convenience and flexibility.

Unlimited Staff Records & Custom Fields

When looking at HRMS or HRIS packages you should look for one that does not limit how many and what type of staff records you can track. There should be standard fields to help track things like EEO information, hire dates, review dates, job titles and more.  The system should also allow for custom fields and have the ability to upload documents to the employee’s profile.

Advanced Security Settings

HR systems should offer granular security settings allowing the employee, front line managers, HR managers, and senior leaders appropriate access levels.  This will help ensure the security as well the integrity and availability of HR related information.

Built-In Communication Tools

Your HR solution should come with communication tools.  Having the ability to email, text, and securely message your staff directly from within the HR Software will help drive efficiency and improve communication and accountability across your organization.

Behavioral Tracking

Many organizations will find a behavior tracking tool or module helpful.  Utilizing such a tool will help ensure fair and consistent treatment of employees and allow individual staff members, managers and leaders to better track and measure performance.

Additional Features

A few other key features you will want your HRMS or HRIS system to have is the ability to assign and track equipment and supplies that employees are issued.  For instance if you look at an employee record you should be able to see that they have been issued things like a laptop, company phone, ID badge, uniforms, tools, and more.  This will help improve security and accountability of company resources and assets.  Also, look for solutions that have onboarding/off loading features and that will maintain employee records even after the employee leaves your organization.

Robust Reporting

Your HR platform should have robust reporting functions.  These reports can be used to ensure compliance and drive smarter, better, and faster data driven decisions.  Having HR data is one thing, being able to report on that data and use it to improve decision making will greatly improve your organization.

Continued Growth Functionality

Ideally the HR software that you choose will be able to grow with you.  Look for systems that offer add on features such as scheduling and payroll, training and certification tracking and other modules and tools that you can add on as your business grows and your needs change.

Utilizing HRMS/HRIS and other technologies can help improve your organizations Human Resource Management.  The proper HR software will save you time and money while improving employee engagement and your ability to comply with federal, state, local and industry rules, regulations and laws.  If you have any HR Technology related questions please give us a call at 888-290-0671 or email us at

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