Accountability – A Two Way Street To Organizational Improvement.

  • November 24, 2015

One of the key things when it comes to managing and leading teams is accountability.  Senior leaders, managers, and employees must be accountable to themselves, each other, customers, suppliers, and partners.  In an organization, accountability must start at the top. Leaders will find that their team will be more accountable to them if the leader themself is accountable to his or her staff.  Winning organizations know that accountability is a two way street.

Each one of our clouds come loaded with features that will help members throughout your organization become and remain accountable to themselves and to each other.   For instance, each cloud comes pre-loaded with a ton of reports that you can easily run to see who did what and when they did it, or maybe more importantly who hasn’t done a required task. So within seconds you can see things like; who consumed inventory, who submitted training or certification information, who made changes to the schedule, and who submitted maintenance request forms. VAIRKKO will clearly show you when these actions were taken. We can even quickly develop custom reports for you. With one click you will be able to print these reports or export them in an Excel or CSV format.

The Forms Cloud is an amazing feature that truly takes accountability to the next level.  The first time you utilize the Forms Cloud you will see why our clients love this feature.  The Forms Cloud will allow you to develop an unlimited number of custom forms that can replace your old paper forms.  VAIRKKO will then use dynamic routing to get submitted Forms to the right people at the right time.  The forms can be designed to have an area for your staff to complete as well as an area for managers to complete.  You can choose to keep the managers area private or share their notes with others.  Managers can even assign the form to different team members. Another really cool aspect is that the system creates a closed loop, meaning whoever initiated the form will be notified once it has been reviewed and closed/completed.  The Forms Cloud keeps everything organized and flowing smoothly. It will prevent documents from getting lost in a filing cabinet or email maze.

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