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Enhancing Your Experience: Recent Product Updates for Improved Workflow

We're pleased to introduce a set of practical updates to our platform, designed to align with your requirements and streamline your processes. These new features and enhancements aim to offer you greater control, efficiency, and convenience. Let's delve into each of these updates and explore how they can bring value to your day-to-day operations.

Employee Profiles for eLearning Courses

For Learning Management System (LMS) administrators, we've introduced Employee Profiles to provide a clear view of your employees' training journeys. This enhancement allows you to effortlessly track course assignments, completion status, and upcoming renewals. Stay organized and informed to ensure training requirements are met seamlessly.

Vehicle Mileage Variance Report

Operations managers will appreciate the practicality of the Vehicle Mileage Variance Report. This feature lets you generate accurate reports on mileage variances within specific date ranges. This reporting capability proves invaluable for your yearly Medicaid Cost Reporting, helping you provide reliable data with ease.

Save/Manage Third Party Riders

Scheduling admins, we've simplified your tasks with the introduction of the Save/Manage Third Party Riders feature. Say goodbye to redundant data entry as you save rider information for future use. Reusing rider details for upcoming shifts is now hassle-free, and you have the flexibility to edit or delete saved information when needed.

Digital Signature Option

Native app check sheet users will find the Digital Signature Option a convenient addition. This feature allows for secure digital signatures on check sheets, enhancing the authentication process and easing documentation workflows.

Additional Columns to Fleet Reports

Operations managers, your reporting capabilities have been extended. The enhancement to add Additional Columns to Fleet Reports provides access to more vehicle attributes, enabling you to present comprehensive data to your fleet manager.

Display Closed Service Requests in Link Service Requests Modal

Fleet managers, we've enhanced your visibility with the Display Closed Service Requests feature. Now, you can easily view closed iForms linked to service records, gaining valuable insights into vehicle service history.

Access Assets Checked Out To A Vehicle From Fleet Cloud

Fleet Cloud admins, your management tasks are simplified. With this enhancement, you can now conveniently access and maintain assets checked out to a vehicle. This streamlines asset management and contributes to efficient vehicle maintenance.

Conditional Display or Hide for Multiple Questions

iForms admins, your efficiency receives a boost with the Conditional Display or Hide enhancement. This update enables you to update multiple questions based on a single condition, minimizing repetitive actions and optimizing form creation and management.

Redesigned Organizational Chart

For employees with access to the organizational chart, clarity is paramount. The redesigned Organizational Chart offers a clearer visual representation of your organization's structure, aiding collaboration and understanding.

Notify Supervisor of Employees Missed Punch Ins

Supervisors, a valuable tool is at your disposal. The Notify Supervisor of Employees Missed Punch Ins enhancement ensures you're promptly informed of missed punch-ins, facilitating timely follow-ups and smoother attendance tracking.

New Report For Unit Service Hours

Scheduling admins, gain valuable insights into your unit service hours over time. The New Report For Unit Service Hours assists in effective schedule adjustments, enabling you to optimize resource allocation and deliver efficient service.

Delete Availability & Bids from Admin Scheduling Cloud

Scheduling cloud administrators, maintain flexibility and control with the ability to delete availability and bids. This enhancement caters to various scenarios, ensuring seamless scheduling even under challenging circumstances.

Company Store Check Out Improvements

Company store users, your checkout process is now more refined. The Company Store Check Out Improvements provide a secure and streamlined experience, tailored to your preferences, whether it's in-person credit card information, conditional field displays, or a familiar eCommerce checkout flow.

We're committed to enhancing your experience and supporting your operational needs. These updates have been thoughtfully designed to bring practicality to your workflows, ensuring you have the tools necessary to succeed. As we continue to evolve, rest assured that your feedback and requirements remain at the heart of our improvements.

Stay tuned for further updates and enhancements as we work to provide you with a seamless and productive platform. Your success is our priority, and we're here to provide the solutions you need.

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