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May Product Release: Powering Efficiency and Engagement

Introducing the May Product Release: Powering Efficiency and Engagement

We have some exciting news to share with the VAIRKKO community! Our team has been hard at work developing new features and enhancements for our groundbreaking software. With a focus on efficiency, productivity, and user engagement, these updates will transform the way you work. Let's take a closer look at each of the new features:

Implement Minimum Required Availability Per Month

Efficient scheduling is crucial for seamless operations. With our latest update, employees can now submit a minimum number of hours of availability each month. This feature empowers schedulers to create effective schedules, saving time and ensuring ample coverage for all shifts. By setting minimum availability, you can avoid gaps in the schedule and optimize workforce utilization.

Add Shift Template Tagging

Managing shift templates just got easier for scheduling administrators. Our new tagging feature allows you to assign tags to shift templates, ensuring consistency across schedules without the need for individual edits. By adding tags to templates, you can categorize shifts based on location, job type, or any other relevant criteria. This simplifies the scheduling process and streamlines the assignment of shifts to employees.

Shift Tag Filtering in Schedule Editors

Make informed decisions quickly with the new shift tag filtering option. As a scheduler, you can now filter the schedule by tags, allowing you to gain valuable insights at a glance. Easily analyze shifts with specific tags, such as "high priority," "special skills required," or "training shifts," and ensure complete coverage before approving time off requests. This feature provides a visual representation of shifts based on tags, enabling efficient decision-making and optimized scheduling.

Reinstate Overturned Attendance Events

We understand that mistakes happen and policies change. To address this, we've introduced the ability to reinstate overturned attendance events. As a scheduling admin, you now have the flexibility to correct errors or make updates based on retroactive policy changes. This feature ensures accurate records and allows for seamless adjustment of attendance events when necessary.

Enhanced Schedule Pulse Dashboard

Optimize your workforce management capabilities with our upgraded Schedule Pulse Dashboard. This comprehensive tool provides you with valuable metrics related to your schedule. Analyze past schedule issues to identify trends and patterns, and gain insights into future schedule challenges. With the ability to run metrics for any date range, you can proactively address scheduling conflicts, ensure optimal shift coverage, and improve overall efficiency.

Indicator for "Scheduled to Work" in Time Off Management

Precise workforce planning requires accurate information. With the new "Scheduled to Work" indicator in Time Off Management, scheduling admins can quickly determine if an employee is scheduled to work on days they have requested time off. This indicator ensures precise counting of available staff and enables seamless scheduling processes, reducing conflicts and improving efficiency.

Bid View Updates

Tracking bid approvals is now more convenient than ever. Our latest update provides information on who approved a bid and when, allowing you to effectively communicate and address any concerns or errors that may arise. This enhanced visibility simplifies bid management, streamlines communication between admins and employees, and promotes transparency throughout the bidding process.

Unawarded Bid Notifications

Efficient communication is vital in the bidding process. With our new setting, scheduling admins can enable or disable unawarded bid notifications. This feature allows you to customize communication preferences and avoid unnecessary emails to employees. By controlling the frequency of notifications, you can strike the right balance between keeping employees informed and minimizing inbox clutter.

Enhanced Display of Non-Payable Codes and Time Off

Transparency in payroll and employee earnings is essential. Our update provides a clear distinction between payable and non-payable hours, making it easy for both payroll admins and employees to identify non-payable codes and time off. This improved display ensures accurate tracking of earnings and simplifies the calculation of wages.

Bid System Display Upgrade

Employees looking for additional shifts will benefit from our upgraded bid system display. You'll now only see shifts that you are eligible to bid on, making it quicker and easier to find suitable shifts to work. This enhanced display improves user experience, streamlines the bidding process, and increases employee engagement by presenting relevant opportunities upfront.

Dynamic Routing and Conditionally Displayed Questions

We've introduced dynamic routing and conditional display functionality to streamline form completion. As an iForms admin, you can now create forms that display questions based on user responses. This personalized approach ensures that users only see relevant questions, eliminating the need to answer unnecessary or irrelevant queries. By simplifying the form-filling process, you can save time and improve user satisfaction.

Final Disposition in iForms

Gain greater visibility and follow-up capabilities with the ability to send the final disposition of an iForm to the creator. This feature ensures that users have all the information needed for follow-up actions, such as pick-up instructions or resolution details. With the final disposition readily available, users can efficiently track the progress of their iForms and take appropriate actions based on the outcome.

Gamification Points for Special Occasions

Celebrating milestones and maintaining high employee morale is crucial for a positive work environment. Our latest update allows administrators to award gamification points on birthdays, seniority anniversaries, and company anniversaries. Recognizing these special occasions fosters a sense of appreciation and contributes to a thriving company culture.

We are excited to bring you these powerful enhancements, designed to elevate your productivity, simplify processes, and optimize your experience with VAIRKKO. We value your feedback and are committed to continuously improving our product to meet your evolving needs.

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