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Elevating Efficiency: A Closer Look at Our Cutting-Edge Product Update

Welcome to the latest update on our VAIRKKO Cloud platform! We've been hard at work to bring you a set of fantastic new features that will make managing certifications, courses, and assignments smoother and more efficient than ever. Whether you're an admin, eLearning user, HR Cloud admin, or shift supervisor, we've got you covered. Let's dive right in and explore these game-changing updates:

Overriding Certification Access: Empowering Certification Cloud Admins

Do you ever need to assign certifications to users who aren't in the predefined groups? Now, Certification Cloud admins can easily overwrite access settings, allowing individuals to see and be issued certifications even if they don't belong to the designated groups. This is particularly beneficial when nurturing employees for career growth, like in the case of an employee aiming to become a supervisor. No more temporary group additions – just direct, effective certification assignments.

State-of-the-Art State Field: Certification Cloud Templates

We understand the importance of properly managing certifications issued by different states. That's why we've introduced a state field in our Certification Cloud templates. Admins can now input the state associated with each certification, streamlining the management of certifications issued across various states and ensuring compliance with regional regulations.

Enhanced eLearning Communication: Clear Course Inaccessibility Messages

For eLearning Cloud users, we've introduced a message system that explains why certain courses are inaccessible. This way, users can quickly identify the reasons behind their course access restrictions and communicate the issues to their administrators. Administrators can then decide whether to modify course accessibility, providing a seamless learning experience.

Streamlined eLearning Assignments: Overriding "Publish To" Settings

Assigning courses to specific users has never been more convenient! eLearning admins can now bypass the "Publish To" settings when assigning courses to individuals who aren't part of the designated groups. Whether it's a temporary work location change or a unique circumstance, course assignments can be made without altering broader group settings.

Gamification Evolution: Deducting Points for Behavioral Instances

Our gamification system has received an exciting enhancement – the ability to deduct points based on behavioral instances. Admins can now assign appropriate consequences for incidents by deducting gamification points. This reinforces accountability and encourages employees to make positive contributions.

Automatic Certification Grouping: Certifications as Active Group Filters

Admins can now automate certification-based grouping with our latest update. When an employee obtains a specific certification, they're automatically added to the relevant group. This streamlines communication, assignments, and reporting related to certifications, ensuring a seamless process for employee development.

iForms Revolution: Multi-Select Employee Pick List

Say hello to a new iForm question type – the Multi-Select Employee Pick List! iForms Admins can now create forms with questions that require entry of multiple employees. This feature enhances data collection and communication by accommodating scenarios where multiple employees are involved.

Detailed Checked-Out Assets: Comprehensive Asset Management

Inventory & Asset Admins can now access additional columns that provide comprehensive details about checked-out assets. Distinguishing assets with similar names has never been easier, making asset management more precise and efficient.

Precise Reporting: "Complete" Filter for Report 328

Training admins can now generate more targeted reports by applying the new "Complete" filter to Report 328. This enables the identification of incomplete assignments, streamlining follow-ups and ensuring no assignments slip through the cracks.

Enhanced Employee Swapping: Configurable Swap Settings

With the updated swap settings, employees can only swap within a designated 30-day window. This restriction ensures that swaps occur within a reasonable timeframe, promoting smoother workforce management.

Efficient Attendance Event Processing: Bulk Processing Enabled

Managing attendance events is now a breeze! Admins can process multiple attendance events simultaneously, saving time and effort while maintaining accurate attendance records.

Global Time Clock Integration: All Time Zones Covered

For international companies, we've added support for all time zones in our Time Clocks. Now, employees worldwide can clock in based on their respective time zones, ensuring accurate time tracking regardless of geographical location.

Granular Security for Attendance Events: Controlled Deletion

Scheduling admins can now control who can delete attendance events. This enhanced granular security ensures that attendance events are managed by authorized personnel, maintaining data integrity.

Seamless Shift Bidding: Enhanced Bid System Display

Employees seeking shift opportunities will only see shifts they're eligible for. This upgraded bid system display streamlines the bidding process, preventing wasted time on ineligible shifts.

Comprehensive Unit Tracking: In-Service and Out-of-Service Records

Shift supervisors can now document unit in-service and out-of-service times directly within the platform. This feature assists in tracking unit service hours over time and calculating Unit Hour Utilization (UHU), providing a holistic view of unit utilization.

Flexible Skills Test Assignments: Override "Applicable to Groups"

Skills Testing admins can now assign skills tests to individuals who aren't part of the predefined "Applicable to Groups." This feature eliminates the need for temporary group additions and simplifies career development initiatives.

Punctual Check Sheet Submission: "Complete By Requirement" Setting

Supervisors can enforce timely check sheet submissions with the "Complete By Requirement" setting. Check sheets must be submitted daily by a specified hour or within a certain timeframe of a shift start, promoting compliance with company policies.

Mobile-Friendly Check Sheets: QR Code Generation

Check sheet administrators can generate QR codes for specific check sheets. Employees can conveniently scan these QR codes using their phones or tablets, accessing the corresponding check sheets on the mobile app.

We're thrilled to introduce these updates to our platform, designed to enhance your experience and streamline your workflows. Whether you're managing certifications, courses, attendance, shifts, or assets, our goal is to provide you with a more efficient, intuitive, and user-friendly platform. We can't wait for you to explore these new features and unlock their potential in your day-to-day tasks. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations as we continue to evolve and improve!

Ready to experience these updates for yourself? Log in to your account now and discover a world of enhanced possibilities with our revamped platform.

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