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Planning Special Events is Difficult. Choose Scheduling Software to Help.

Fall is a great time of year filled with wonderful weather and special events.  It is can also be the start of a busy time of year for public safety agencies.   With Halloween celebrations, Thanksgiving Day parades, homecoming celebrations, football games, Oktoberfest parties, and other special events planned many public safety agencies struggle to ensure they can provide adequate resources to help ensure everyone stays safe and receives the appropriate care when needed.

VAIRKKO can help you plan for and manage these large events.  First, our Employee Scheduling module lets you easily schedule additional resources as needed.  Your staff will be able to see upcoming events and be able to easily submit their availability from any device.  With the VAIRKKO’s Inventory Management module you can ensure that you have adequate supplies on hand and you can even quickly build and set-up temporary stock rooms. This is great if you are setting up a command post, aid station, or any other temporary location.  Also, don’t forget that our communication tools will help you ensure that everyone has the information that they need.  You will be able to email and text with your team, set special site messages, and place inbox messages that must be read and acknowledged.

These systems all work together to help ensure that you have the people and assets where you need them and that information can be quickly and easily shared amongst your team.  To learn more about how VAIRKKO can help you manage your day to day operations as well as your large special events, please give us a call at 888-290-0671 or email us at info@vairkko.com.

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