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Evolving Together: Embracing a Quarterly Release Cycle at VAIRKKO

In the spirit of innovation and continuous improvement, VAIRKKO is excited to announce a significant evolution in our software release strategy. Moving forward, we will transition from a monthly release cycle to a more impactful quarterly release cycle. This strategic shift is designed to better serve our clients, allowing for the incorporation of larger, more meaningful updates and enhancements to our suite of workforce and operations management software.


Our decision to move to a quarterly release cycle is driven by a commitment to excellence and the desire to more effectively meet the needs of our clients. Previously operating on a monthly release schedule, we've listened to your feedback and recognized the need for a change. This new approach will not only allow us to undertake bigger projects but will also enable us to spend more time gathering and incorporating your feedback into the development of features that truly make a difference in your day-to-day operations.

How You Can Contribute

Your insights and feedback are invaluable to us. As we embark on this new release cycle, we encourage you to actively contribute to the VAIRKKO roadmap. Whether through our feedback system or by meeting directly with our product team, your input will play a crucial role in shaping the future of our software solutions.

What We Have Planned for Q1

Our Q1 release is already shaping up to be a game-changer, with several key enhancements on the horizon:

  • Mass Page Out: Administrators will be able to notify multiple employees of multiple open shifts simultaneously, streamlining the scheduling process.
  • Drag & Drop Submitted Availability: Improve scheduling efficiency by matching available employees to open shifts with a simple drag and drop.
  • Improvements to Employee Bid Submissions: We're enhancing the bidding process, making it easier for employees to submit bids on multiple shifts at once and manage their bids.
  • Improved Calendar Event Notifications: Employees who receive these notifications will see an enhanced version of the previous email that includes a direct link to the event, enabling them to register for events they are interested in more efficiently.

Benefits of a Quarterly Release Cycle

Focused Development

By allocating more time between releases, our product team can dedicate themselves to developing more substantial updates and tackling larger projects that require deeper focus and more rigorous testing.

Enhanced Client Feedback Loop

This new cycle gives us the opportunity to engage more closely with you, our clients, gathering and implementing your feedback to ensure that the updates we roll out are both impactful and aligned with your needs.

Reduced Risks

Fewer releases mean we can spend more time on quality assurance, reducing the risks associated with deploying new features and ensuring a smoother, more reliable user experience.

What This Means for You

Expect to see bigger, better changes in each release, driven by a deeper understanding of your needs. While we will continue to address bugs and minor issues on an ongoing basis, our major releases will be more significant and more transformative.

How to Get Involved

We invite you to join us in this journey by sharing your feedback and suggestions. Your input is crucial to our mutual success, and we're excited to see how together, we can continue to evolve and improve. 

To make your voice heard, we invite you to revisit our previous blog post on Elevating User Experience with VAIRKKO's Enhanced Feedback System. Additionally, we're opening up opportunities for you to schedule a meeting with our product management team. This is your chance to share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions directly, ensuring that your specific needs and challenges are addressed in our roadmap.

Meet The Product Management Team


The shift to a quarterly release cycle marks a new chapter for VAIRKKO and our clients. It's a move that reflects our commitment to quality, our responsiveness to your feedback, and our dedication to delivering software solutions that truly meet your needs. We're excited about the possibilities this change brings and look forward to continuing to serve you with even more impactful updates and enhancements.

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