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Elevating User Experience with VAIRKKO's Enhanced Feedback System

In our ongoing effort to enhance user satisfaction and product functionality, VAIRKKO is excited to announce the launch of our new and improved feedback system. This innovative platform, easily accessible via the Resource Center (marked by a green icon with a question mark at the bottom right of your screen), is designed to not only gather your valuable insights but also to foster a more interactive and responsive relationship between our users and the product team.


Why the New System?

The old feedback system served us well, but it's time for a change. The new system offers a more streamlined, user-friendly, and interactive experience. Key improvements include:

    • Direct Portal Access: Submit your feedback directly within the VAIRKKO product. No more navigating through multiple pages.
    • Story-Based Feedback: We encourage you to be detailed. Tell us the story of the problem you're facing and your current workaround. This approach helps our product team to understand and empathize with your experiences better.
    • Targeted Feedback: With a dropdown menu of product areas, your feedback can be more focused and relevant.
    • Responsive Interaction: The VAIRKKO product team will communicate updates and queries via email, keeping you in the loop at every stage.

Community Engagement:

community engagement

This interactive section allows you to view feedback submitted by your fellow users and cast your votes on the suggestions you believe are most valuable. Your participation helps us identify and prioritize the improvements that matter most to our community, ensuring that we focus on the features and enhancements you truly need. Join us in shaping the future of VAIRKKO by engaging with and supporting the ideas that resonate with you the most.

Transition from the Old System:

While we are exploring options to migrate feedback from the old system, we recommend re-submitting any critical feedback in the new system to ensure it receives the attention it deserves.

The Importance of Your Feedback:

Your insights are invaluable. They play a crucial role in shaping the development of VAIRKKO’s suite of products. By using the feedback system, you directly contribute to:

    • Efficiency Enhancements: Help us tailor features that make your job easier and more efficient.
    • Product Development: Influence the direction and priorities of our product development cycle based on real user needs.

When Not to Use the Feedback System:

While we value your input on all aspects of your experience with VAIRKKO, certain requests should be directed elsewhere, such as:

    • Company-Specific Needs: Requests like office amenities or parking issues.
    • Bug Reporting: If you encounter a technical issue, please reach out directly to our support team.

Additional Resources in the Resource Center:


The Resource Center is not just for feedback. It’s a hub for:

    • Product Updates: Stay informed about the latest changes and enhancements in VAIRKKO.
    • Learning Guides: Access resources to help you understand and utilize new features.
    • Support Assistance: Easily create and track support tickets and explore our knowledge base articles.

Your voice is a crucial component of VAIRKKO’s growth and improvement. The new feedback system is more than just a tool; it's a bridge connecting your experiences and needs directly with our development team. We encourage you to use it and help us shape a product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

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