Audits, Inspections, Investigations... OH MY!

  • May 09, 2016

Audits, inspections, investigations... Although they mean slightly different things to different people, no one really gets excited about these words.  Rarely do they bring happy thoughts to mind.  Instead when we hear these words people often feel their stomach tighten and their pulse quicken.  When people hear these types of words they normally think long nights and start to cancel after work activities.  They think fines, lost productivity, tarnished reputation and other less than pleasant thoughts. Let's be clear though, people don’t normally feel this way because they know they did something wrong.  Instead, it is a normal reaction to being judged and being afraid that they may have overlooked something.

There are some things you can do to help alleviate any fears you have of the words; audit, inspections, and investigations.  The first thing is be organized.  Make sure that you are utilizing technology that helps you to easily document, track and view important information such as; employee training records, employee manuals and communications between staff.  When a regulatory agency, an attorney, or other investigatory body comes in having the ability to show them this type of documentation will go along way to ensuring a successful and speedy outcome and resolution.

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