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VAIRKKO Launches Affiliate Marketing Program

Calling all bloggers, online influencers, and social media personalities! Are you looking for more ways to earn income? VAIRKKO has launched an affiliate marketing program that allows people like you to promote our products and services. In exchange, you get a 60% commission for every sale attributed to your account. Not a bad deal, right? The program is simple, recommend our trusted software to your audience, generate traffic to our site, and let us close the sale.

Why influencers and bloggers? At VAIRKKO, we recognize that the digital marketing space is ever-changing. Social media has exploded into popularity, and there are only a handful of websites where most people spend their time.

This is where you come in. With your reach as an online personality, you will be able to introduce our workforce and training management solutions to a wide audience. Through you, we can start building trust with future clients who want reliable workforce management and training tracking tools. All you need to do is promote us to your followers or subscribers!

How It Works

Joining our affiliate program is as easy as signing up to the latest social media site. Follow these steps below:

Step 1: Submit an Initial Application

We’ve shared a short sign-up form that you need to fill out and submit. You only need to share a few details and answer some basic questions so we can get a feel of what you do. After receiving your application, we’ll assess the information and contact you to finalize everything. Be sure to check your email or phone regularly!

Step 2: Get a Personalized Affiliate Link

Once we’ve confirmed your application to our program, we’ll send you an affiliate link. This is personalized according to your brand and profile. That way, you can seamlessly incorporate it into your content. This link will be your tool to lead traffic to our website and make a sale. So make sure it’s visible!  

Step 3: Start the Promotion

Now the real fun begins! Start promoting your affiliate link to recommend the various workforce solutions of VAIRKKO. You’re the influencer, so we’ll let you take the reins from here on out. Use whatever strategy you have to convince your followers to purchase our products. That way, you can get your 60% commission. Our typical sales amount to $2,500 per transaction, so you could be earning as much as $1,500!.

Step 4: Receive Your Commission

Now that you’ve made a sale, you want to ensure that your hard-earned commission is sent to you. Don’t worry — it only takes a few steps. You just need to set up a commission payout structure via secure and convenient channels. That way, your money reaches you quickly and without any issues. Want to earn more? Learn the marketing strategies we’ve shared in the next section.

Have Questions or want to learn more?

Check out the program home by clicking here!

Join Our Program Now

Whether you’re up and about or working from home, our affiliate program is easy enough for every kind of social media influencer, blogger, or marketer. Plus, signing up is free! Start earning more money by signing up today!

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