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January New Features Release

Welcome to the first update of its kind for our January new features release. This post outlines the key changes that were released this month and a summary of how it will impact you and your business.

Fleet Management

  • Created a new page where Service Requests can be managed in conjunction with Service Records.
  • Created the ability to manage Vehicle Service Requests within Fleet Cloud.
  • Created the ability to create and manage Service Records from Service Requests
  • Implemented a new setting in iForm templates that enables the submitted form to be viewed & managed in the Service Request table in Fleet Cloud.



In this release, we've created the ability to "Select All" for pending approvals. This allows you to approve all of your pending certifications at once rather than having to select them individually.


Employee Points

We’ve created a new report that tracks each transaction for each employee. Previous reports tracked the total points earned by employees, but this new report will track each time they earn and lose points, as well as each time they use those points in the company store.


Mobile Application Enhancements


Skills Test Notifications

We’ve created the ability to notify the Employee's Supervisor when “Groups Allowed to Administer” is blank.


We’ve created the ability to configure and select more than one group to notify upon creation of a new assignment as well as to notify the group(s) upon closure of the assignments.

We’ve created the ability to configure and add a Dynamic Routing Employee Picklist. When that employee is selected in a submitted iForm, they are automatically assigned and notified of that iForm Submission.

We’ve created the ability to configure questions to display conditionally based on answers to previous questions.


We are excited to announce the release of our new features. We hope that you are as excited as we are to use these new tools in your business!

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