Time+Payroll Cloud's Integrated Time Clocks, Time Cards and Payroll Export is Your Out of The Box Payroll Solution

Save thousands of dollars each year with our advanced bio-metric time clock, fully integrated time cards and advanced payroll exporting capabilities.

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Time+Payroll Cloud Overview

VAIRKKO Time+Payroll Cloud system is a web-based, fully-mobile time and payroll solution. Components include powerful, yet easy to use time clocks, staff and management time cards with full data exporting to your payroll provider.

The advanced time clocks allow your staff to authenticate via username/password, RFID or even fingerprint biometric at no additional charge.

Approve time cards in no-time and reduce the time spent working on your payroll as well as eliminating costly data entry errors and the need to manually cut adjustment checks.

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I dreaded payroll, but now it flows smoothly since we've deployed Time+Payroll Cloud. It has allowed us to remain compliant with regulatory agencies and with a quick ROI it's well worth the investment.

- Arlene Smith, Payroll Administrator

Time+Payroll Cloud Features

VAIRKKO Time+Payroll Cloud brings every feature you need to capture time and attendance data, track hours and pay your employees through a thoughtfully engineered and easy-to-use web-based interface. Each feature has been refined by industry experts to meet the requirements of some of the most demanding industries such as yours.

Bio-Metric Time Clocks

Stop buddy punching in it's tracks with a fully biometric time clock.

Punch Rules

Auto Punch Double Shifts, Holidays and adjust staff punches automatically based on advanced rules.

Late/Early Reasons

Collect reasons from your staff when the punch is outside your set "normal limits".

Code Management

Configure all of your organization's earning, labor and time off codes.

Pay Scales

Build complex or simple pay scales within the system to assign different pay rates to different staff based on your criteria.

Configurable Pay Periods

Setup one, two, three, four or custom length pay periods within the system.

Fully Integrated

Being fully integrated into VAIRKKO's Scheduling Cloud you will save time and money by eliminating data entry and costly mistakes.

Advanced Time Cards

Require staff signatures on time cards, allow notes and much more.

Manual Punching

Management can easily punch your staff in or out of work should they not be able to or forget.

Shift Breaks

Easily add unpaid breaks into your staff's time card punches to account for lunch, etc.

Payroll Exceptions

Instantly see all the exceptions or issues that are present within your current payroll run. Easily locate and resolve the issues prior to running your payroll.

Detailed Reports

Dig into your data anytime as well as export your data to excel for further analysis.

Top Benefits of Time+Payroll Cloud


Ensures your payroll and all staff are fully compliant with your organization's pay policies prior to running and processing your payroll.

Lowers Costs

Keeps a close eye on your overtime and specialty earning codes which reduces the amount owed to staff.


Stop jumping from your scheduling system to your time clock system to your payroll system. Get all three in the same system.

Faster Processing

Process your payroll faster with our advanced tools to reduce costly data entry errors prior to your organization processing/running payroll.


Time+Attendance Cloud is fully integrated into many of our other cloud products delivering a complete operations management solution.


Time+Attendance Cloud is beautifully designed, smart, efficient and mobile friendly. Making it convenient to use when at work, at home or on the go.

VAIRKKO Time+Payroll Cloud is the smart choice when selecting an online Time and Attendance solution. Take a sneak peek at the system below.

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