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The VAIRKKO return on investment calculator allows you to see real and measurable savings your organization can expect to see after implementing our cloud products.

Enter the average rate your organization pays to it's staff members on an hourly basis. This number should exclude benefits, and only take into consideration their hourly pay.
Provide the average minutes you think your organization may save for each employee per day by utilizing VAIRKKO cloud products.
Be sure to include everyone in this number. This would include field, office, training and fleet staff, etc.
Provide the percentage of employees within your organization that might utilize the VAIRKKO platform on a daily basis.

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Key Benefits

There are too many benefits to list but here are just a few of the big ones.

  • Free Setup
  • Free Support
  • Free Training
  • Easy to Buy, Learn & Use
  • Industry Designed Software
  • No Maintenance Fees
  • Single Login
  • Free Updates/Upgrades