Collaboration Cloud is Loaded with Features To Exceed Your Business Needs

Collaboration Cloud is your single source tool for collaboration within the workplace offering features such as mass emailing, mass text messaging, forced acknowledgment messages, electronic memos, news and announcements, discussion boards, events calendars and so much more!

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Collaboration Cloud Overview

VAIRKKO Collaboration Cloud is a web-based, fully-mobile business-ready collaboration solution. Collaboration Cloud comes packed with powerful features that will soon become part of your organization's culture.

Collaboration Cloud includes out of the box tools such as an electronic memo system, centralized document storage, forced acknowledgment messages, discussion boards, corporate events calendars, mass email and text messaging, news and announcements, system banner messages, internal messaging and so much more.

Collaboration Cloud is beautifully designed, smart and easy to implement and use for both management and staff.

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Collaboration Cloud revolutionized the way we do business and communicate across our entire organization.

- Brandon Russell, Director of Operations

Collaboration Cloud Features

VAIRKKO Collaboration Cloud brings powerful features to you through a thoughtfully engineered and easy-to-use interface. Each feature has been polished and refined to meet the requirements of some of the most demanding industries such as yours.

Electronic Memos

Post memos to your staff for review; track who read which memos and who has not.

Document Storage

Upload all your organization's documents to a centralized location available to staff to review and download.

Forced Acknowledgment

Post messages to your staff that require their acknowledgment allowing you to confirm they know and are aware of your message.

Discussion Boards

Create Discussion Boards/Forums, unlimited threads and posts. Easily turn on moderation to ensure appropriate use of the system.

Events Calendars

Create an unlimited number of online calendars which can be security controlled by groups of staff members. Allow staff to register for events and more.

Mass Messaging

Send unlimited mass email and text messages to your staff. Great for company wide announcements, emergency "all hands on deck" requests or anything else you may need.

News & Announcements

Spread good news with the News & Announcement system. Attach links and documents to each post.

System Banner Messages

Create banner messages within the VAIRKKO Platform visible to staff once they login. Set an expiration date on your message to ensure the message is taken down automatically when you want.

Internal Messaging

Send internal messages back and forth similar to how you would with email. Compose new messages, reply to existing messages and even forward messages you received from others.

Corporate Manuals

Post your policy and procedures, standard operating guides, employee handbooks or anything else you hold your staff accountable for online in one universally accessible location.

Online Store

The Online Store allows staff to "purchase" items your management team has configured within the system. Uniforms, door access cards, fund-raisers or anything else you may want to post.

Web Sites

Post all of your third party web site links and addresses within our Web Sites tool. This creates a centralized repository of all important links your staff may need such as 401k, benefits, online pay stubs or anything else.

Top Benefits of Collaboration Cloud


All messages, memos, etc. are tracked & logged allowing you to know exactly who read and has not read items within the system.

Improved Communication

Collaboration Cloud will enable you to communicate with your team faster, easier and with higher accountability than you could with just email alone.

Lowers Costs

Built with performance and ease of use in mind which saves you time and money by delivering the right information to you when you need it.


The right tools for the right job is the key to success and Collaboration Cloud is just that; an efficient collection of the "just the right tools".


Collaboration Cloud is fully integrated into many of our other cloud products delivering a complete workforce management solution.


Stop using a bunch of stand-alone products and enjoy the convenience of a single system built with multiple high-performance tools included.

VAIRKKO Collaboration Cloud is the smart choice when selecting a Collaboration Management tool. Take a sneak peek at the system below.

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