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Advanced certification and training tracking software with an easy to use, fully mobile web-based interface. Track unlimited certifications, receive automatic expiration alerts via email and text message, upload electronic documents and more

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Certification Cloud Overview

VAIRKKO Certification Cloud is a web-based, fully-mobile solution to track your skilled workforce's certifications, trainings, credentials, tests and much more. It's never been easier to maintain compliance, reduce liabilities and avoid costly fines.

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Automated Certification Tracking Software for about $1.00* per employee per month

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Certification Cloud Features

VAIRKKO Certification Cloud brings the most powerful features directly to you through a beautifully designed and engineered web-based system. Each feature has been tailored to meet the requirements of some of the most demanding industries including Healthcare and Finance.

Track Multiple Companies & Locations

Separate Data by Company, Region, Location & more to manage your enterprise workforce's certifications and trainings.

Approval Workflows

Easily review changes made in the system with a pending approval area where changes can be reviewed and approved/denied.

100% Mobile Ready

Access your data, run reports, assign or update records from your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop while at work, at home or on the go.

Unlimited Templates

Create templates for certifications, trainings, credentials, medical records, tests, licenses and more.

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Automatic Alerts

Automatic notifications sent to your staff, management team and HR teams for upcoming expiring items.

Simple Assign

Assign certification records to your staff quickly and easily either one at a time or in batches to save time and energy.

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Compliance Rules

Create powerful compliance rules and instantly see which employees are compliant or non-compliant based on job function/role.

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Detailed Staff Profiles

On a single screen see your detailed staff profiles, which certifications they have, which ones they are missing and easily make changes as needed.

Upload Digital Copies

Upload digital copies of training/certification records directly into the system from any desktop, tablet or camera enabled mobile phone.

Roadmap Builder

Create unlimited Roadmaps; do your staff complete a series of trainings/certifications/exams and upon completion they are issued a final certification or credential? If so, Roadmaps are your ticket!

Team Builder

Create unlimited teams and configure each to require a certain number of staff members certified in various areas. Quickly see your team's compliance level and staff memberships.

Staff Self-Service

Give your staff the ability to upload their own records from the self-service portal and then simply approve them as they come in.

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Detailed Reports

Run reports such as certifications by employee, employee by certification, missing certifications, certification matrix report and many others.

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Bulk Editing

Easily update bulk records at once saving you time and energy. Update either activation or expiration dates for all employees or specific employee groups.

Import / Export

Import all of your data into the system to be up and running in no time and export your data at any time for any reason.

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Top Benefits of Cloud-Based Certification Tracking


Complete compliance over your workforce and their certifications and credentials. Know who's certified/trained and who is not.

Aids In Audits

Skate through your next audit/inspection by knowing your training records are up-to-date and which staff are not in compliance ahead of time.

Lowers Costs

Built with performance and ease of use in mind which saves you time and money by delivering the right information to you when you need it.


Ditch those inefficient Excel Spreadsheets, White Boards or home grown databases for a system that is built on efficiency.

Real-Time Knowledge

You're busy; don't let your certifications go unmonitored just because of your schedule. Daily alerts keep you informed in real-time.


Staff can upload their own records which management can approve alleviating the need for them to stop by your office and interrupt your work day.

Screen Shots

VAIRKKO Certification Cloud is the smart choice when selecting an online certification tracking solution. Take a sneak peek at the system below.

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Continue your learning with our most recent certification tracking software news and announcements. Certification Cloud is the most advanced, cost effective and easiest to use platform to track your certifications, licenses, tests/exams and trainings for your employees.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Raleigh, NC; 05/02/2017:  Home Paramount Pest Control has selected the VAIRKKO certification tracking software platform to begin managing their staff certifications, credentials, trainings and licenses to ensure complete organizational compliance.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Raleigh, NC; January 16, 2017:  Vestas Americas has chosen the VAIRKKO certification tracking platform to begin managing their staff certifications, credentials, trainings and licenses to ensure complete organizational compliance.

Due to the nature of demanding industry requirements, number ...

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J.L. Clark Leverages Certification Tracking Software to Increase Compliance

Thursday, April 6, 2017 | In Certification Cloud

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Raleigh, NC; April 6, 2017: J.L. Clark has designated the VAIRKKO certification tracking platform to begin managing their staff certifications, credentials, trainings and licenses to ensure complete organizational compliance.

Due to the nature of severe industry requirements, number of staff...

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