Inventory+Asset Cloud is a Powerhouse Inventory Management System

With complete barcode and RFID capabilities the Inventory+Asset Cloud will save your organization time and energy. Create unlimited stock rooms, inventory items, par levels and notifications.

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Inventory+Asset Cloud Overview

VAIRKKO Inventory+Asset Cloud is a 100% web-based, fully-mobile online inventory and asset management solution. With the ability to create unlimited stock rooms and items, your organization can grow with the system without needing to pay more as your needs grow.

Track anything from medical supplies/equipment, pens/pencils, uniforms and even to vehicles within the system. Complete expiration date, lot number or serial number tracking is a breeze. Save time and energy with barcode and/or RFID integrated readers.

Gain valuable insight into your inventory levels, usage rates, location of assets and more.

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- Brett Young, Bedford County Public Safety

Inventory+Asset Cloud Features

VAIRKKO Inventory+Asset Cloud makes managing your inventory simple. Our inventory management system has been polished and refined to meet the requirements of some of the most demanding industries such as yours.

Unlimited Stockrooms

Create unlimited locations where you store your stock throughout your organization.

Unlimited Stock Items

Have 100, 1000, 10000 or more items? Track an unlimited number of inventory items.


Elegant online forms allow for adding, removing, transferring and consuming stock quickly and easily.

Integrated Purchasing

Create Purchase Orders manually or automatically; send PO's to vendors directly through the system.

Inventory Views

Enterprise, Stock Room, Stock Detail and Transaction views allow you to dig into your inventory, seeing quantities and par levels.

Check In / Out

Easily assign equipment and inventory to staff, units, third parties or vehicles with 100% accountability.

Cycle Counts

Blast through cycle counts/hard counts of your inventory in no time with our high performance cycle counting solution.

Detailed Security

Security works at the stock room level meaning you can grant very granular security by person or by stockroom.

Internal Orders

Easily allow staff to "ORDER" or request stock replenishments from a main supply warehouse.

Par Levels

Configure per stock-room par levels for your items to ensure proper stock levels at all times.

Barcode / RFID

Use barcode or RFID technology to speed up your inventory processes and reduce costly data entry errors.

Expirations & Lot #

Need to track expiration dates, serial numbers or lot numbers? No problem with our Trace ID feature.

Top Benefits of Inventory+Asset Cloud

Saves Time

Save time with a high-performance, web-based and fully-mobile inventory management solution. Manage your consumables and assets in a flash.

Lowers Costs

Knowing when your stock is about to expire is key in ensuring you minimize waste. Minimizing waste can save you thousands each year.


Using a smart inventory system helps your organization stay lean-and-mean which allows you to run an efficient inventory system.


Know how much stock is being used and who is pulling it. Instantly know the velocity in which your stock is being pulled, by stock room.


Inventory+Asset Cloud is fully integrated into many of our other cloud products delivering a complete operations management solution.


Inventory+Asset Cloud is beautifully designed, smart, efficient and mobile friendly. Making it convenient to use when at work, at home or on the go.

VAIRKKO Inventory+Asset Cloud is the next generation in inventory management. Take a sneak peek at the system below.

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