Fleet Cloud Reduces Time Spent Managing Your Fleet

Manage your fleet, current location, service records, inspection, license and registration information and more with VAIRKKO's Fleet Cloud.

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Fleet Cloud Overview

VAIRKKO Fleet Cloud system is a web-based, fully-mobile online fleet management solution. Fleet Cloud offers the ability to track and manage an unlimited number of vehicles, their service records, notable dates, preventative maintenance and much more.

The easy-to-use, intelligently designed interface offers the ability to leverage the complete system while at work, at home, on the go or out in the field.

Benefits include a reduction in paperwork and time spent managing your fleet while gaining deep insights into your data.

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VAIRKKO is leaps and bounds better than our previous vendor. It is easy to navigate and has cut down the amount of paperwork drastically!

- Barton Glenn, Operations Manager

Fleet Cloud Features

VAIRKKO Fleet Cloud brings powerful features to you through a thoughtfully engineered and easy-to-use cloud solution. Each feature has been polished and refined to meet the requirements of some of the most demanding industries such as yours.

Unlimited Vehicles

Create unlimited vehicle profiles within the system.

Track Mileage

Track your fleet's mileage to gain valuable "per mileage cost" of your fleet.

Notable Dates

Keep track of important dates for your fleet such as license, registration, insurance and inspection due dates.

Service Records

Record detailed service records for your fleet, corresponding costs, documents and more.

Collision Tracking

Record collision information related to your fleet such as road conditions, witnesses, injuries and much more.

Fleet Check Sheets

Build custom check sheets for each type of vehicle within your fleet.

Status Updates

Update vehicle statuses in real-time to ensure proper vehicles are in-service.


Detailed security allows for multiple levels of system access.


Robust reports allow your team to dig into your data, export to excel and more.

Maintenance Alerts

Proactive alerts via email and text messaging for upcoming preventative maintenance due on your fleet.

GPS Tracking

Track the location of your vehicles using GPS and see on a web-based map the location of each one of the vehicles within your fleet.

Fuel Logs

Track fuel consumption, costs and frequency of fill-ups for each vehicle within your fleet.

Top Benefits of Fleet Cloud


Always know the status and location of every vehicle in your fleet and stop walking the parking lots and calling around trying to locate your assets.

Future Proof

Fleet Cloud has a team of dedicated developers behind the product to continue to enhance the system. All updates and upgrades are free to clients.

Lowers Costs

Understanding your fleet gives your organization the data needed to make better data-driven smart decisions which saves your bottom line.


Fleet Cloud makes light work of managing your fleet through powerful "task-tailored" features to reduce time spent managing your fleet.


Fleet Cloud is fully integrated into many of our other cloud products delivering a complete operations management solution.


Fleet Cloud is a beautifully designed, smart and efficient mobile friendly fleet management platform that is available wherever you are.

VAIRKKO Fleet Cloud is the smart choice when selecting an online fleet management system. Take a sneak peek at the system below.

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