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Why You, Too, Should Consider Utilizing eLearning

Whether it be an imposition of a pandemic or simply a job perk, there's no denying the surge of remote work opportunities as we near the halfway point of 2020. As this trend continues, many employers are beginning to find that there is an increasing need for eLearning within their organization. The sky is the limit for what can be accomplished from anywhere and there are several benefits to making this shift.

By definition, eLearning is "learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the internet." What does this mean? This means that you are not limited to one type of course or category when it comes to educating your employees. Every organization is constructed of several moving pieces, which consist of multiple employees in a variety of roles. In just one role, there is so much to learn. Take a look at the below, using our imaginary employee Kevin:

Kevin starts his first day with ABC Corporation

As you can see, there is always an opportunity for eLearning. Not only are you able to cover a multitude of topics and company needs, but consider these benefits as well:


  • saves time

  • is self-paced

  • is accessible anywhere

  • gives the ability to revisit/rewind for clarification

  • can come with quizzes & tests

  • has measurable results

If you're looking to prioritize employee skills, knowledge, and engagement, perhaps it's time to consider what it looks like for your organization to utilize eLearning. Start small or go big; either way, you'll see results.


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