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Welcome to #VAIRKKO - SyCom Technologies

VAIRKKO will be providing Training Tracking Software for SyCom Technologies to help increase compliance, lower corporate risk, and improve productivity.

Raleigh, NC: March 14, 2020 VAIRKKO Technologies, LLC, a company providing HR and Learning Management solutions, announced the signing of it’s newest client, SyCom Technologies.  SyCom Technologies which Modernizes the workplace, IT infrastructure & security posture of organizations, will begin to leverage the VAIRKKO platform to increase compliance, lower corporate risk and improve productivity.

"Looking at a lot of IT verticals in our organization. Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, HP, etc. All require different certifications and updating a spreadsheet is getting harder. We want something that can report for us and alert us. They make changes on the fly for requirements and we want to keep on top of it proactively. VAIRKKO's solution met our requirements above all others."

Chris Timberlake, Vice President of Engineering

VAIRKKO will provide direct access to Certification Cloud to track employee trainings and manage partner level compliance allowing SyCom Technolgies to ensure operational efficiency,

“VAIRKKO is thrilled to welcome SyCom Technologies to the growing list of companies leveraging the VAIRKKO platform globally to increase their efficiency and productivity, while managing their compliance”

Brian Polackoff, Vice President of Sales


For additional information or media contacts 
Brian Polackoff

Vice President of Sales


SyCom Technologies prides itself on being the first choice for infrastructure technology solutions in the Mid-Atlantic region. In over 20 years of business, SyCom has earned trust by doing right by our customers, vendors, and employees. That is the reason why Fortune 1000’s, universities, hospitals, and governments have relied on us to design, implement, manage, and secure their IT environments.

VAIRKKO Technologies, LLC (VAIRKKO) is an HR and Learning Management software company that provides innovative and affordable HRIS and Training Management solutions. VAIRKKO’s robust solution is built on a state-of-the-art platform to give businesses the distinct advantage of having their HR and employee training information fully integrated within a single platform.  VAIRKKO provides businesses with the necessary tools such as Training Tracking, Learning Management Systems, Core HR, Employee Engagement, Applicant Tracking, Performance Management, Benefits Management, Certification Tracking, Online Learning and much more to help increase employee morale, boost training and compliance across the organization all while reducing costs for our valued clients.


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