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VAIRKKO Releases Innovative Employee Onboarding/Offboarding Solution

VAIRKKO is pleased to announce the release of their innovative employee onboarding/offboarding solution called VAIRKKO Onboarding within the already feature packed HR Cloud product.

“The VAIRKKO HR Cloud is already the most advanced workforce management solution available to the public safety sector going beyond just basic user management and with the release of the VAIRKKO Onboarding solution this is truly a game changer.” said Brian Polackoff, VP of Sales at VAIRKKO.

Hiring can be a time-consuming and expensive process, and having finally selected the best candidate(s), all you want is to have them in post and performing to expectations as soon as possible. However, you also don’t want to skimp on the employee onboarding process (if you do, you’re putting that goal of “performing to expectations” at risk). This is where your HRMS’ onboarding software can help you cut that time-to-value metric by automating some of the following onboarding issues including new-hire paperwork, socialization, checklists and automatic scheduling. The VAIRKKO Onboarding solution is great for any organization regardless of size or industry for standardizing, streamlining and turbo-charging the onboarding process. 

Imagine hiring a new team member and with one click all appropriate departments instantly being notified in a truly 100% accountable manner informing them of new tasks that they need perform related to the new hire onboarding process. Imagine automating acknowledgement of company policies, completion of online training courses, creation of network/software accounts, equipment and uniform issuance, completion of required paperwork including I9, W4, etc. VAIRKKO Onboarding can instantly notify your management team, IT Departments, Facilities Departments, Employee Supervisor, the employee themselves or anyone else within your organization. VAIRKKO onboarding goes beyond just tasks, it offers powerful workforce analytics including key metrics such as average onboarding time, time to complete tasks by assigned team member, employee retention percentages and much more.

With VAIRKKO Onboarding your entire team is brought onto the same page every time a new team member is hired. With clear and specific tasks being assigned through the VAIRKKO Enterprise Task Management system, new hires will experience a professional, well executed and standardized onboarding experience.

For more information on the VAIRKKO Onboarding system or to schedule a product demonstration please contact our sales team to learn more.

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