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Three Ways to Use VAIRKKO's New QR Verify

VAIRKKO released a new feature in the Certification Cloud platform called QR Verify. The system helps employers to quickly check certification status for their employees while out in the field without access to their VAIRKKO platform.

This functionality is ideal for companies that have rigid certification expectations in order to pass audits for safety (and etc.), companies that have badges to scan for employee information, or companies that have field employees.

This feature comes at no additional cost to VAIRKKO's current clients and is included in the purchase of Certification Cloud by future customers.

Here are a few different ways we have seen companies gain value from the QR Verify system:

Scanning Badges to Audit Compliance

The QR Verify system creates a unique QR code designated to an individual employee. Within the Certification Cloud platform, employers can determine which certifications are able to be viewed via a QR code reader or scanner. Once scanned, an employee's certifications and completion rates will be able to be viewed for compliance records. This is especially handy when an employee is in the field and managers or supervisors needs to quickly assess whether an employee is eligible to complete their work under regulations.

QR Verify Image

To Verify Identity

If an employer chooses to provide an employee image within their VAIRKKO profile, this information will also be populated within QR Verify. Once security scans a badge, an employee's picture will appear and this can be used to verify identity especially when there is safety protocol or restricted areas in which an employee may not be able to enter.

To Share Data with Sister Companies

Another unique way that QR Verify can work is through a sharing passphrase. This passphrase will allow you to share the information on your employees with other organizations that can then be searched to verify internal requirements. This part of the system is completely optional to utilize and has been used by companies that share contracted employees. This allows the employee to store all their information within one system without having multiple log-ins and repeating work to maintain compliance and certification information.

The QR Verify system has been widely adopted among VAIRKKO clients that use Certification Cloud. With the ability to print the unique QR Codes, companies are placing this information on hard hats and badges.

If you haven't checked out the QR Verify feature, we definitely recommend that you do!

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