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Talent Management in 140 Characters or Less

The next terminology in our tweetable series: Talent Management. We’ll sum this up in 140 characters or less so you can make a mental note and move on. Who has time for long blog posts on one concept?

Talent Management:

A process dedicated to handling human capital and planning for an organization’s needs from hiring, to onboarding and continued training.

Talent Management:

A strategy for hiring the best talent and then retaining high performers by creating a refined process and continually improving.

Talent Management:

Really important.

That about sums it up! Talent Management is a really important component or extension of your HR team that unites all parts of your business and ensures employees are well-trained, engaged, and in-the-know about how to perform and their ability to be promoted within any given position.

It can take a lot of work to get right, but it is absolutely worth it.

Team reviewing performance appraisals

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