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Press Release: VAIRKKO Releases QR Code Platform to All Users

For Immediate Release - June 11, 2019

VAIRKKO Releases QR Code Platform to All Users

Assign QR Codes to Scan Employee Certification Information in the Field

Raleigh, NC: VAIRKKO recently released a new feature to accompany their award-winning Certification Cloud platform. With this newest update, company’s have the ability to print QR Codes to be read by auditors, managers, security personnel and more to ensure the employees working on-site are compliant in real-time. The QR Verify system allows a code reader to access certification data without access to the VAIRKKO platform. Company’s can determine which information is available via settings control and a passcode, but then that information is able to be reviewed upon audit or inspection.

The system also doubles as a way to view data from other companies that you may share employees. Industries like healthcare or energy have found this particular feature helpful when determining who can work as a contractor within their organization or at their plants. Without duplicating information across systems, this has introduced a new ease to viewing pertinent information without sharing confidential information.

Of the recent product release, Brian Polackoff, VP of Sales said, “There was a need in the market that we were able to address in a pragmatic way. With this new release, our customers are able to leverage their certification information in a tangible way by supplying it to auditors and inspectors, right on the job site. No more transferring on long documents - it’s all able to be accessed through a simple code-reader, right on your phone!”

This product has been released for each client that currently uses Certification Cloud and will be included for anyone that purchases Certification Cloud in the future - at no additional cost.

About VAIRKKO: VAIRKKO is a software company specializing in certification and training tracking software, as well as an elearning and LMS platform. With additional products centered around addressing the needs of Human Resource Departments and Talent Management professionals, VAIRKKO has carved out a niche by creating software driven by the needs of their clients. With clients both big and small, touching various industries, the software has been adopted by many clients looking to improve accountability, boost compliance, and reduce the paperload in their organization.

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