Making the Most of Your VAIRKKO Free Trial

  • September 03, 2019
You'll be happy to hear that a VAIRKKO free trial includes everything for each of the products that you are trialing that you would find in the paid version! There isn't anything that you would receive as an upgrade after you purchase because we want to make sure you're aware of everything that is available to you should you decide to pay for the software. A free trial lasts for 30 days and is totally risk free - which means you don't have to enter your credit card information - once your time is up, you will be logged out of the platform until you purchase.
Don't worry - we don't send you into a free trial without access to all the support you will need in order to get up and running. In fact, most of our clients are able to get the platform configured to their liking within the first week after dedicating only a few short hours to learning the system and entering in data. If you have a spreadsheet of information that you would like to import - you're even better off with hitting the ground running!
VAIRKKO Free Trial Sign Up Form
So what can you expect when you sign up for a free trial? And how can you make the most of the month you have within the platform?
Upon signing up, you will receive your log-in information within a few minutes. You will be able to log in with this information and will be required to change your password. From there, you will be directed to our Virtual Training Set Up Wizard. This is a helpful guide to walk through in order to set up your platform in the most logical order. Of course, you are able to skip around as you so please, but each step comes with a video guide and helpful text to get you up and running in no time! These steps can be completed in as little as a few hours (depending on what platforms you get & what state your data currently is in).
Over the course of your free trial, you will receive a few different emails from some of our team members to provide helpful tips & guidance, but also feel free to use them as resources if you ever feel like you are stuck or need to have questions answered. If you use your time wisely over the course of the free trial, it is very likely you will already start to see the benefits the VAIRKKO platform can have for your organization.
Here's a few more helpful tips to make the most of your VAIRKKO free trial:
  1. Take a Quick Tour. Spend some time in the system over the first few days, working through the Virtual Training Set Up Wizard and also exploring on your own. There is lots to discover within the platform and the more time you work within the system - the more value you will ultimately find. There are many uses for each different platform - so chances are, while it will fit your primary need - you may also utilize the platform for more.
  2. Schedule time to work in VAIRKKO on your calendar. It's pretty easy to let other important tasks creep into your day and forget about dedicating time to a free trial that you have signed up for. Avoid the temptation to push this free trial to the back burner by scheduling time ahead of signing up where you can be intentional about exploring the platform and making progress on using the software.
  3. Make a game plan. Likely, you are signing up for VAIRKKO because you have an idea for how you would like to use the platform and are hoping that the VAIRKKO features will meet your needs. Test it out in the platform now! Use a real life example project to test out the software and ensure that it is going to meet your needs and ask questions when they come up. Chances are one of our support or success representatives have tackled a challenge that you're looking to test out in the platform, and they will be able to help you out. The best way to make the most of your 30-day free trial is to have the example of what you would like to use the platform for all worked out ahead of time. This way, you can spend your time working with the software instead of scrambling to put together information to go in the platform.
We want to do everything within reason to help you be successful with the VAIRKKO platform - and whichever products your company is looking to use - and one of the best things you can do for your success with VAIRKKO is sign up for the free trial and spend some time in the platform before the trial expires. Following the few tips above, will help to set you up for success! Enjoy!

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