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Look back at 2020: Thankful For An Amazing Year Despite The Challenges

At VAIRKKO, we pride ourselves on providing the fastest and easiest way to manage a company’s workforce in one unified intelligent platform. Our workforce management solutions cover powerful tools such as training management and certification tracking.

Similar to many businesses, we faced many challenges in 2020 that made us adjust some of our business processes from state-wide lockdowns and more. We are, however, thankful for a great year despite the challenges. With your trust, we were able to achieve some amazing goals this year.

Team Growth

We were surprised to see the size of our team grow—by more than 75%! We are happy to have all our new teammates join the company. Their expertise will help us upgrade our software and serve you better.

Release Of VAIRKKO App For IOS And Android

The VAIRKKO native app is now available for download for both IOS and Android phones. The app brings together all the components an easy to use, yet sophisticated training management platform. It allows users to work on the go, anytime, anywhere.

The app offers software solutions, including easy access to documents, certification and training tracking, important messages, tasks/to-do's, forms, digital signatures, policies and so much more in one platform.

Since the release of the app, we’re getting lots of five-star ratings.

Release Of New Automation Platform On Training Management Software

Training management software (TMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of learning-related activities. Many of our clients have fully utilized this powerful tool during the lockdowns.

Our TMS provides businesses with the means to virtually run training sessions with team members from their homes. The benefits of our TMS include:

  • Track Training to improve corporate compliance and reduce liability
  • Receive automated, in-advance alerts of upcoming expiring items
  • Track document revisions such as work instructions, policy manuals, and more
  • Delivers Visibility, Clarity, and Accountability resulting in Certainty for your leadership team

Having all the data in one application allows constant updating, keeping materials, and responses in real-time.

VAIRKKO’s training management software was automated this year, which improved user experience with customizable conditions and actions. With an automated TMS, you don’t have to waste time on manual processes, simply create your own custom workflows.

Release Of Full SCORM Compliance

Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a set of technical standards imposed for Learning Management Systems (LMSs). It guides programmers on how to write their code, so it fares well with other eLearning software. SCORM controls how online learning content and LMSs interact with each other.

Put simply, SCORM allows content authors to distribute their content to different LMSs with the least amount of stress possible.

This year, VAIRKKO has been issued full SCORM compliance allowing all our clients to leverage the full power of the SCORM standard within the platform they already know and love.

Release Of Gamification Platform

Gamification has many proven benefits, such as:

  • Improves productivity and motivation
  • Increases creativity and employee engagement
  • Strengthens communication between team members
  • Develops specific work skills
  • Reinforces branding within an organization

We have recently released our gamification platform, which offers badges to users based on the completion of various customizable tasks such as completing training, viewing documents, or obtaining certifications.

Over 200 New Accounts

Despite the economic ramifications of COVID-19, we gained over 200 new accounts. Our most popular products include:

  • Certification cloud (Training Management System)
  • E-learning cloud (Learning Management System)
  • Skills testing cloud (Observational Checklist)

Many companies are starting to appreciate our training tracking software, which increases employee satisfaction, minimizes compliance risks, and essentially maximizes revenue.

Over 755 Product Improvements Released

At VAIRKKO, we value constant improvements in both our products and our services. This year, we made significant product changes that resulted in additional benefits for our clients.

We are proud of this achievement and how the product improvements can enhance our clients’ interaction on our website or app.

Maintained a 4.6-Star Review Rating on Capterra

Capterra is an online marketplace vendor mediating between buyers and sellers in the software industry.

Capterra has five classifications for our software:

  1. Onboarding software
  2. Learning management system software
  3. Workforce management software
  4. Training software
  5. Human resource software

With 110 reviews, VAIRKKO maintained an impressive 4.6-star overall review across all existing software, with 4.5 stars on ease of use and 4.6 stars on customer service. While this rating is spectacular, we continuously find ways to serve our clients better.

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