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Hurricane Matthew - Our Communities Respond

Many of us have witnessed the heroics displayed by our public safety professionals as they have risked their own lives to assist others in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.  We have seen the videos of the countless helicopter and boat rescues performed by these professionals. Often times these rescuers are volunteers who are serving their communities.  These actions should remind all of us of the risks and sacrifices made each day by our police, EMS and fire fighters as they work to protect, save, and serve those in their communities.

The storm has also showed us yet again what America is made of.  As the Southeast faces historic flooding we see power, water, and utility crews working in difficult and dangerous conditions to get our utilities up and working.  We see neighbors helping neighbors by removing debris, or sharing a hot meal or shower.  We see nurses, doctors, therapists and others reporting to work to care for patients.  We see Red Cross and other volunteers delivering emergency supplies and assisting wherever they can.  We even see the grocery store workers, gas station attendants, restaurant employees, and others who reported to work so that life could get “back to normal.”

If you are one of the people who lent a hand, or who continues to lend a hand to those in need we say, thank you.  For those who were assisted by someone in their time of need remember to thank them and even more importantly remember to help others when you have the chance.  After all, the desire and ability “to pay it forward” is a key factor in the success of our communities, nation, and even world.

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