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Friendship House Annual Charity Golf Event

Charity drives and sponsored events help organizations thrive despite challenges. Through these, people are encouraged to give and serve those who need them. 

Thus, Friendship House will spearhead an event that not only caters to its members but also to their patrons like VAIRKKO and those who are interested in joining. 

The 17th of June 2022 marks a day of fun and charity. The Friendship House of Illinois’s 2nd Annual Golf Outing will transpire at Deer Park Golf Club in Oglesby. Many participants can join in the fun — whether they’re a golfer or not — while others may choose to sponsor the cause through financial support. 

The Golf Outing

The Golf Outing will be a remarkable event filled with generosity and excitement for the Friendship House and the participants as they flow through the day with activities, freebies, and camaraderie. This event is possible thanks to the sponsors. 

The sponsors may donate through the following amounts: 


  • $500: 18 holes, and up to four golfers. This includes a cart, food, drinks, and goodie bags.
  • $1000: Includes a company-sponsored hole with a logo. It will be posted on Facebook and aired on the radio.
  • $1250: 18 holes and up to 4 golfers. This includes a cart, goodie bags, food and drinks; there will also be a company-sponsored hole with logo and posts on Facebook, and it will be aired on the radio.

With the donations of companies such as VAIRKKO and the effort of the organization, a silent auction will be conducted at the outing. This includes a trip, a 50/50 raffle, and more fun events. 

Small businesses may still choose to donate in case they are not interested in sponsoring a hole. Donors will be recognized through a banner placed at the event's entrance. 

VAIRKKO’s Donation

VAIRKKO has donated an amount of $1000 for the cause. This amount, according to Friendship House, can help make the event a success and raise more funds for charity. 

Through this, the organization’s other fundraisers and events continue to thrive and help more of its members. 

About The Friendship House

The Friendship House is a trusted service provider for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Their organization gives everyone the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. Moreover, they aim to improve the quality of life of their members and assist those who are vulnerable. 

The young people who are part of this organization are given the opportunity to become integral units of society. Also, they are encouraged to grow into productive and self-respecting citizens. 

The organization gives back to society through the various programs offered. 

Programs Offered

The Friendship House offers the following programs for the community: 

  • Vocational Training
  • Developmental Training
  • Community 360 Program
  • Geriatric/Dementia Room
  • Janitorial Certification
  • Semi-Independent Residential 
  • DRS/Community Employment
  • Community-Integrated Living Arrangements

All of these programs may be accessed through their website

Join in the Fun

The event is not solely for pro-golfers but also for those who are interested in participating in the event and contributing to the cause. You may sign up through the Facebook event or send them a message. Tee time is at 12:30 PM on June 17, 2022.

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