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Employee Training & Development: Myths VS Facts

There are several myths that surround employee training and development.  For instance, did you know that over 40% of new hires leave an organization within their first year if they do not receive quality training?  We all know that constantly attracting and hiring new employees is costly and time consuming.  Not to mention the severe impact it has on team morale and performance.  In todays competitive, technology driven, and fast changing market having highly trained employees is essential.  Let us take a moment to examine some of the myths about employee training.

MYTH 1 – Employees do not want to sit through training. 

FACT – Most employees want to receive training that not only improves the skills, knowledge, and abilities they need for their current position but also prepares them for additional duties and responsibilities.

MYTH 2 – If I train my employees they will just leave.

FACT – As we have already learned 40% of new hires leave an organization within a year if they do not receive training.  Plus keep in mind the fact that untrained or poorly trained employees that stay at your organization can cost you greatly.

MYTH 3 – Training is expensive, difficult, and time consuming.

FACT – Good quality training can bring real value and great ROI.  You should consider a cloud based system such as VAIRKKO’s Training Cloud that allows you to easily set-up an unlimited number of classes and tests, offers multiple delivery options (including on-line training as well as both in person classroom and hands on training) and can accommodate an unlimited number of tracks so that employees receive training that is relevant to them.

MYTH 4 – There is no way for me to tell if training is impacting my business.

FACT – Quality LMS systems such as VAIRKKO e-Learning Cloud will allow you to run analytics on your training.  This will help ensure that your training is working and that is it relevant and impactful.

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